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Over the last 7 months, I have had no brain cells. Pregnancy has dried up my creative juices. I have seen blogs that pregnant women write and they are brilliant. Yet I have had nothing interesting to say. This baffles me. I recently read a blog where the author just talked about her week and it was that simple. I can do that! I can keep my mind fairly fresh and hope to bring some juice back into it. In third trimester, I am back to having a very mild form of food aversions and I am not sleeping as well as I am used to. I can’t think too hard! 

This last week has been spent in the house to avoid all the flu germs that are floating around. I’m not a fan of germs in regular life, but especially not with a low immune system and a toddler to protect. I am in the habit of washing hands every time we come home and using hand sanitizer by the gallon while we are out. (Good thing I live with a doctor!)

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This week was a week of getting back in the routine of life. We were out of routine for so long with the holidays. Last Tuesday, I had to get some coffee. Coffee that I haven’t had in weeks. Even though Toddler Story Time at the Library hasn’t started back up again, Adelynn and I went to the Library with coffee in hand. We borrowed a bag full of books and stayed to read until lunch time. Everything about that day was so refreshing. So much so, that we went back yesterday and doubled the amount of books we borrowed! We ready most of them last night. She made a friend there yesterday. (Yes, we wear the tutus everywhere!)


On Wednesday, we went back to Parents As Teachers like our usual Wednesday. All the kids were so happy to be back! Every single one had a difficult time leaving when it was over. Adelynn was thrilled to see her friends that she hasn’t seen in weeks, and while I was excited for her, I was also relieved to see my mom-friends as well!

On Thursday, Adelynn, my Grandma, and I made the short trip to a nearby town to do some boutique shopping and eating at the local deli. It was a gray day complete with mist (my favorite, next to the real rain of course!) We got out of the car and Adelynn insisted on having her umbrella. It was the cutest thing to see a polkadot umbrella that seemed to be floating on the end of my Grandma’s hand, bouncing down the small-town street on a rainy day. After we did some shopping, we had lunch. This girl rarely goes anywhere without dancing. While she was dancing in the restaurant, she got her first black eye. Unfortunately, this might not be her last dance injury! We walked to one more store and while we were there, I grabbed a mannequin by the shirttail to keep it from falling on her! It was a ninja move and I am sure glad it was successful. It was at that point that I knew it was time to go home!

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We enjoyed some quiet evenings as a family this week, as we have been going through a big process of moving bedrooms, going through stuff, and just generally trying to prepare for the new baby. It’s been a hassle. But it’s also been exciting and necessary. We had planned to refinish my old bedroom set and give it to Adelynn, while moving her current set over to the baby. She is going to keep her current set and baby will just get a new one. It is great to have one less thing on our list! Someday we will come up with a purpose for the old bedroom set.

On Saturday night, Dave and I got a night out with some friends. It was so nice to just have some adult time without interruptions, curfews or bedtime routine. We were able to enjoy a long dinner, games, coffee and conversation.

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Dave has been playing the “I’ve got your nose” game with Adelynn. Hilarity ensues every single time. One of my favorite moments was when she took my nose and put it in a plastic egg. She ran back to her Daddy. Then she came back to me. I asked about my nose. She told me I could have hers. She took off her own nose, put it on my face, and said “There, Mommy. You can breathe now.” She’s never been fooled by the game. She’s pretty quick about those things.

Monday, my favorite redheaded friend came to spend the morning with us. We talked wedding and had coffee. Lovely! Yesterday, Adelynn and I went back to the library and got a huge bag full of books. We stopped at Metro and got soup to take home to my sick hubby. I think it worked Smile 

Have a good week!


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  1. I like this style of post too. It’s fun just to hear what you are up to.


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