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Oh, Adelynn

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Dave plays the “I’ve got your nose” game with Adelynn. He pretends to get her nose and put it in his mouth. (By the way, she does not fall for this game, even at her age.) She says “Daddy, get my nose out your mouth! Ew!”

Adelynn wants to go to the bathroom with Dave.
”Adelynn, I want to go in peace.” Dave tells her.
”In peace?” she asks.
”Oh. Ok.” she says and then runs to me.
”Mommy! Daddy want to go in peace.”
”Yes, I know.” I tell her.
”Him not go potty now, him go in peace!”



We drive by Long John Silver’s. There are cartoon fish on the sign. “Mommy! I want to go to the pet store!”



Adelynn is hungry after a big dinner. “Are you a growing girl? Are you going to be 10 feet tall tomorrow?” Dave asks.
”Yeah, Dad! I going to be really tall like you! And really tall like Mommy!”
Bless your heart, child.


Adelynn is only wearing pants, no shirt. “Hey! I need my tutu.” Because, obviously, that’s what she was missing.

Adelynn sees our wedding picture. Her eyes widen. “Mommy, you a princess!”

Adelynn climbs on the couch like she knows not to. Mid-climb she pauses and says “Sorry, guys!” And continues her trek up the couch.


“Daddy, I want to play the piano.” – Adelynn says.
”Ok, I will pull the bench out and then I am going to the bathroom.” – Dave tells her.
”Oh, Dad you going to toot?” she asks innocently.
(Dave really doesn’t live in the bathroom like these quotes indicate!)


We are getting ready for bed and Dave has Adelynn’s jammies. She comes and sits next to me, butt naked. “Adelynn, you’re naked.” I tell her.
“No, I not naked now.” She informs me.
”You’re not? Then what are you wearing?” I question.
She looks down at her legs. “Magic clothes!”


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  1. Magic clothes huh? She’s quick mom!

  2. She’s the best thing! I love these posts. It such a reminder of what I’m missing, that sometimes I laugh so hard I begin to cry a bit 🙂


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