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I am still going to try to just keep my head above water in the writing world. Here’s another peek into our week. Simple content ahead:

Our car has started making another funny sound, which makes me nervous to drive it anywhere. For those who don’t know – we have driven the same car for 3 years with zero issues. Zero issues that is, until mid-November. Now it is being replaced with one that can offer a third row of seats. Sorry Scarlett! Our new one should be here sometime between February 2-16. I. Cannot. Wait. I also really don’t want to put more money into it before the new one comes. Because of this, I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth recently. I feel like I haven’t been social or seen the people I would like to see often enough. And poor Adelynn. She keeps asking who is coming over – every single day. She has so much pent up energy because of the cold weather and all of our time spent at home. And I will say it… Poor me! I get to be with the toddler with pent up energy all day long. Dave has had sinus junk and hurt his back last week, so I have been doing a lot of the parenting – pregnant and seemingly-solo.

photo 1

Wednesday, we went back to playgroup and once it ended, we took advantage of the weather and spent half an hour outside running around with some good friends. The weather made so much difference. David worked late that day and so my Grandma came over and played outside with Adelynn while I made lasagna. I haven’t spent an hour in the kitchen for quite a while!

Thursday, I had a doctor appointment. Everything looks good! Hard to believe that there’s only 8 weeks left! I came home and my Grandma was letting Adelynn play in the dirt… in her tutu. This is what you get for free child-care Smile with tongue out She had a blast though! (And, like usual, her clothes came clean.) photo 4 (1)photo 2 (1)

After Nana left, Adelynn and I stayed out until Daddy got home. We added bubbles along with the dirt for good measure 🙂 Dirty and sticky! It reminded me of a typical messy child in the Summer!

photo 5

Friday, our Small Group started back up after taking a break for the Holidays. It was great to catch up again! It also gave me an excuse to do some cleaning and to get to have company in our house without having to leave.

Saturday evening, Dave and I made the trip to Wichita for a good friend’s birthday party. I hope that the quarter-of-a-century mark doesn’t hurt too bad, Amee Lynn! We went over in enough time to get a bridesmaid’s dress for this same friend’s wedding. However, we did not check the hours of the bridal shop and ended up having an hour to kill since they were closed. This meant that we stopped for dessert first 🙂 I forgot what it was like to be a grown-up with no rules and not having to set an example for another little person! We had a lovely dinner with some great people and we were home before Adelynn was asleep.

photo 4

On Sunday, we had no responsibilities at church. That was strange. We just went, sat through service, and left! We had a lunch out, just the three of us, and then Adelynn decided that a 45 minute nap would be sufficient. This was an executive decision on her part. Dave had a ball game that night, but it was too late for us to go along since she needed to be in bed for her own sanity (and mine).

On Monday, I felt like a real person with a real social life – during the week! Adelynn, Nana, and I hit up Hobby Lobby to get Valentine’s craft supplies. We ended up meeting my cousins for lunch while we were out. At Hobby Lobby, I bought Adelynn a trunk to keep all her dress up clothes in. However, she saw it as a “treasure chest”. So we played “Yo ho” (pirates) for a very long time.

We started on the Valentine craft that night, which includes painting puzzle pieces. Why did I choose this particular craft?? Someone should have warned me. It sounds perfectly innocent right? Wrong! So Dave had gone to bed very very early because he wasn’t feeling well. Things start off okay once I explain the process of painting the puzzle pieces. Of course, some are dropped into the paint, the whole plate is painted instead of the puzzle, etc. By the end, after only painting a few pieces, she has completely covered her hands in a red/pink/purple mess of paint. I tell her to wait and that as soon as I pick up the stuff that needs cleaned, I will carry her upstairs. I tell her not to touch anything, being that her hands are completely covered in RED PAINT. So, she gets down from the chair without touching anything. She starts up the stairs, again, without touching anything. That is, until she trips. Of course she trips! The paint shirt she is wearing is her Dad’s! So how do you stop yourself when you fall? Obviously, you put your hands down to catch yourself. So in this case, the red-paint-covered hands meet the white carpeted stairs. Ugh. So I pick her up, and when we get to the top of the stairs, she wants to help open the door. She doesn’t ask, she just reaches out to help. Cue more red paint to clean. We make it to the bathroom, where she also offers to turn on the water and decides to grab some bath toys that are sitting behind the sink. Fabulous. I get her cleaned up and her paint shirt off. Whew. All that’s left is to clean up the mess downstairs. I pull out the carpet cleaner and set it on the counter. I finish cleaning up the newly-red-toys, and Adelynn offers to carry the cleaner. Okay, fine. I leave the bathroom after things are slightly less red looking. I enter the living room to see my little helper cleaning the piano with the carpet spray. I sigh, and use the paint shirt in my hand to wipe it off and we go downstairs. Adelynn offers to clean the steps – which she sprayed perfectly, I might add. I finish a load of laundry and it is now bedtime. We go upstairs. As we walk through the living room, she points out the other cleaning job she did while she still had the carpet spray. Oh, thank you, child. Thank you for cleaning the whole end table. She usually goes to the bathroom before bed and this time she wants to use Mommy and Daddy’s bathroom. Ugh. I’m not choosing this battle. Okay, move all your potty-time junk in there. I will go clean the living room again. So she carries her potty seat and step stool right past her sleeping Father. She closes the door. Dave wakes up. After finishing the living room, I go in and talk to him about how I am glad it is bedtime. Then Adelynn asks for assistance. I attempt to enter the bathroom but cannot open the door. When this happens, it is usually because she has her step stool in front of it. This is not the case. This time she has managed to lock the door. The door that we do not have a key for. After trying and trying to explain how, and discussing with Dave how we can break into the bathroom, she finally unlocks the door and it is time for bed. After all the bedtime routine and she is settled in, I think I am now safe to watch my TV in peace. That’s when I hear her over the monitor “Mommy! I pooooped!” Really? Did you not just have plenty of alone time in the bathroom very recently?? I cleaned her up, finished my show, and went to bed. Oh my goodness. Let me just say that to the recipients of these Valentines, please know that you are getting a Valentine with more love, time, attention and PATIENCE put in that you will probably ever receive!! Please know that we love you very much!!

photo 5 (3)
She’s too sweet.

Yesterday, we had Story Time at the library. I’m so thankful that the lady in charge is patient with that same Toddler with the pent up energy (and the others that were there that were the same way)! For those who don’t know, there is a shop at the front of our local library that is sponsored by Friends of the Library. They have used books for $0.25-$0.50 each! I can’t tell you all the steals on new/like-new books we have gotten from there. We usually walk away (depending on selection) with about 6-12 books for $2-$3. When you read as much as we do, you need a good selection of books! And now you know!

I guess you can tell that this week has been more trying than some. I am trying to keep the perspective bright as we wait a couple more weeks for some transportation! This might also mean that more crafts (not any with red paint) will be appearing on the blog in the future. Have a great week!

photo 1 (1)photo 3
(These are taken on two different nights. Sister lives in her tutu.)


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  1. Carol Mosier

    Oh you poor dear!!!!! Too bad you have such an irresponsible free babysitter! LOL!!!!!!! I’m sorry, but I just had to laugh at all of your incidences. I can just imagine the mess you had!!!! Red paint everywhere!!!!! Love you and hope you are feeling better. Wish I could help this week, but….oh well,I’m not too responsible anyway! jk. Luv Ya!


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