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I have been doing a little more internet reading because I have had the time to do so. I have been sick over the last week so I have been at home and living on the couch. Here’s some lunch break reading for you! Our faith beliefs are different, but overall, her point is beyond excellent!! I have thought about this several times since reading it. I feel kind of lame for being sick and not as ready and willing to do things with Adelynn as I would like. This has made me want to keep a jar and fill it with drops of awesome! Smile
I posted this on Facebook recently. It is such a good reminder! Keep your cell phones out of your face when your kid needs your attention!

Several friends posted this on Facebook. Love this little kid!!! Now get up and go do something! Wait! Go do something after you finish my blog post 🙂
Another video from YouTube – this one made me laugh so hard. It’s really short.
This one has been all over the place. If you live in Texas… eat there and tip this server. There’s no reason for intolerance.
I love these excuses that you get to have once you’re a parent 🙂
Kindness goes a long way.
I followed her advice after I read this! Yesterday it was ridiculously beautiful outside. Adelynn and I laid in the driveway and talked about what the clouds looked like. I decided that (even though I am pregnant-faced) it was all worth documenting.


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