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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn and I are playing soccer with a little soccer ball in her room. I am sick so I’m sitting to play. I keep kicking the ball crooked because I am sitting. Meanwhile, she’s consistently kicking it straight. (Seriously. At age 2.5 she kicks the ball straight all the time.) After several, crooked, sitting down kicks, she says “Mom, it’s okay. You just need to practice some more.” Then during the same game she says “Mom, the baby in your tummy really really likes soccer. He can be on our team.” (Even though we didn’t find out, she truly believes she is having a brother. What can I say? Girl might have some intuition like her Momma!)


Dave and Adelynn are playing Hide and Seek. Dave isn’t moving while she is counting. “Dave, she’s counting.” I tell him. So Adelynn turns around mid-count and pulls her fingers apart to peek through. “Hey! No peeking!” She tells him.


I yell at the TV during the KU game. Adelynn and I are the only ones home. She’s playing in the corner. She turns around and says “Sorry, Mom.” “What are you sorry for?” I wonder. “Oh, I dunno.” She shrugs. “Did you hear me yell and think you were in trouble?” “Yeah” she answers. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I was yelling at the TV.” I explain. “Oh… Why you do that?” she asked. You know, that’s a great question.


Dave shares some of his mini M&Ms with Adelynn. They eat them in the living room and then Adelynn disappears. Dave walks into the kitchen and she’s pushing her step stool up to the counter (by the M&Ms).
“Oh. Hi Dad.”
“Hi Adelynn. What are you doing?”
“Oh. Nothing. Just moving my stool over here.”
I guess we better move everything to the high shelves in the pantry!


She has a little “raspberry” looking rash. She comes to tell us about it. “I have an owie on my bottom.” She shows us. “I have a blueberry on my bottom. I need you to put sour cream (rash cream) on it.” We had to laugh at her interpretations.


I was going to explain to Adelynn that I wasn’t feeling well. I said “Adelynn, I have an owie in my chest.”
“Oh. I go get you my Boo Boo Bunny to make you feel better. Be right back.”


Dave was being the human slide under her cardboard one as she slid down the couch. Over and over and over… Finally Dave said he needed a break. “Yeah, I need a break too.” said Adelynn. So they sat still and silent for all for 30 seconds, when she throws her arms in the air and yells “Again!!”


Adelynn “takes” Dave’s nose and puts it in a plastic egg. “How am I going to get it back?” he asks. “Dad, the tooth fairy will bring you a new one.” She assures him.


(Out of the blue) “I don’t want to be so pretty.”
Hard life. Smile


We are talking about pirates and Peter Pan. Nana asks if Peter Pan has wings and we talk about how he flies with pixie dust. Adelynn then pretends that she is Peter Pan. We determine that she needs pixie dust to fly. “We no have any. We have to go to Hobby Lobby and buy some.” I love her. And Hobby Lobby.


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  1. Rita Eldridge

    I always enjoy these posts. They make me smile — and sometimes laugh out loud! It’s great that you are recording all these cute things. You can go back and read them years down the road, and Adelynn also will enjoy reading them someday! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved reading these on FB! And again here. 🙂


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