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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn looks out the window and sees snow. Very matter-of-factly she says to the backyard “I told you. I no want it to snow anymore.”

She goes to the bathroom by herself and comes back. She tells me all about it. “I going to go potty again tomorrow!”

Adelynn was dressed in her mermaid costume and took all the pillows off the couch. After nap, I told her she needed to pick them up. “It’s the mermaid’s fault.” She argued.

We are playing with her mini soccer ball. It lands in the stroller. “Oh! That’s stilly. It’s not a baby, it’s a ball!” And when she caught it, she said “I can catch the ball! Like a real girl!” This was all while she was in her dance clothes and shoes… kicking the soccer ball. Thata girl.

Adelynn isn’t normally a fan of socks, but she leaves hers on most of the day on this particular day and tells me about it. “I just leave them on so you can’t see my wrinkles.”

It is close to bed time while playing in the basement. “We are going to have to start wrapping up soon.” Dave says. “Wrapping your present?!” Adelynn excitedly asks.

Dave was in Adelynn’s room. She and I were near the monitor and over it we heard him sneeze. “Bless you Daddy!” She tells him… from the basement.

Adelynn goes into the bathroom and strings together this long sentence about how she is going to take all her clothes off and go potty and get her bath toys before her bath, etc. Then she sticks her head out the bathroom door and says “Okay, hon?”

Adelynn cries hard when I don’t come get her right after nap. I wipe her tears and tell her that I always come to get her and everything is okay. “I always take care of you.” I remind her. “Jesus takes care of me too.” She tells me.
I melt.

Adelynn hands Dave a wad of string. He takes it. “Daddy don’t mess it all up.”


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  1. She is such a thoughtful kiddo. I love her!


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