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Short-lived Snow Session

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In the last couple of days, we received over a foot of snow between Wednesday and Thursday. Starting Wednesday, Adelynn was begging to play in it. She is her Father’s daughter. She enjoys the snow and doesn’t ever feel the cold.

(Exhibit A)

I am the complete opposite. If there is anything worse than ice and snow, I don’t know what it is. I don’t even really like the way snow looks, let alone to be out in it on purpose! So I had been dragging my feet to take her out. Literally. Reaching my feet long enough to push on heavy-duty boots takes a small army and a tank of oxygen.

FINALLY the time came. Dave worked from home yesterday and we said that when he was done, we would go tubing. I knew my role meant that I would bundle up and then stand there to take pictures. (Not like I should be tubing at 9 months pregnant if I can get up the hill anyway!) After getting everyone bundled up, shoveling the drive to get out, (waiting on David to help put my boots on. HA!) driving the streets slowly, and picking up Dave’s friend Jordan, we were ready to go tubing! Just as the sun was going down.

She was ready to go tubing!

Being carried to the top.

There they go! Unfortunately, they went too fast for me to get any action shots.

Cold but happy.


…and stick a fork in her.
She didn’t even want to go down for the last time on the tube. So she just inched her way down the hill on her bottom. (Brr!)

She started out this adventure by loving the snow as much as her Dad. Unfortunately, by the end of this trip, she loved it about as much as her Mom. We warmed up with “hot cocoa” per her immediate request upon entering the car.

Maybe making some snow ice cream later today will help too Smile


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  1. What a fun time! I’m glad that you could all go out together and enjoy a bit of snow tubing…those kinds of memories are the best in the future!!!


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