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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn set up hopscotch. Because I want to know the rules I ask her “How does it work?”
“Just perfectly.” She says.

Dave and I are having a conversation. Adelynn talks into her microphone “Everybody stop talking.”
“Did you just tell us to stop talking?” We ask.
Honest as can be she says “No, my microphone tell you to stop talking.”

There’s a huge flock of birds in our backyard that we are looking at. We had thrown some stale bread into the yard a day or two before.
”Adelynn, the birds are eating the bread we left for them!”
And then they all fly away.
“I guess they ate all the bread.” I said.
”We need to go to the grocery store and get them some more!” She says.
Then they came back for a while and flew away again.
“Where them goin?” Adelynn asks me.
”They are probably going somewhere warmer, do you think?”
“Yeah.” She agrees.
“Why them not wearing coats?” she wonders.
”Well, God made birds with feathers. That keeps them warm enough so they don’t need coats. Where do you think they are going?” I ask.
“Them going to their bird houses and them going to drink hot cocoa!” She exclaims.

“I want to go to great-Grandma’s house.” She declares.
“Honey, we can’t go over there because they’re at church.” I tell her.
“I want to go to church too.”
“Well, we can’t go to church either because you’re sick.” I explain.
“I not sick anymore. I angry now.”

I’m brushing my hair.
“Mommy? You putting your hair in a ponytail for me?”
“No, hon, I was just going to leave it down.”
“You need a pony tail.” She states.
“Why do I need a pony tail?” I wonder.
“To make me happy!”
Oh, of course!

She only gets one book at bedtime since it’s so late. She is picking one out. She turns to me and asks “Mommy, you sure you don’t want to two books?”

Adelynn stands on my foot.
“Brrr! Your feet are cold! You need pants and socks.” I say.
“No, my leg is hot. I no need my socks and pants now.”
**Few minutes later**
We start going downstairs and she stuffs something into my pocket. “Mommy, you carry it since I don’t have pockets.”
“Adelynn, if you would wear pants, you could have pockets.”
“I not going to stand on your feet anymore.”

She has been taking pictures lately. When she wants you to smile she says “Say Adelynn!”

Adelynn walks through the snow and gets snow on her boots. We get most of it off before getting in the car, but there’s still some left. From the front seat Dave and I hear “Mmm! Yummy snow!”

This is how she measures time.
“Adelynn do you want milk?” I asked.
“Yeah I do want milk. Like you had yesteryear.”

another example: “Adelynn, can you take your book back to the shelf please?”
”Oh! Yeah! Nana read that book to me yesteryear.”

and one more: She sees a baby picture of herself. “That’s a picture of me from yesternight!”


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  1. I love hearing all the wonderful things she says! It’s great to get a glimpse of the kinds of things I have to look forward to!

  2. Oh my! These quotes always make me smile so big!!!


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