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Introducing Ava Grace!

IMG_8107 copy

Ava Grace
March 8, 2013 6:50am
7lb 11oz, 20 inches long

Ava’s Birth Story.

On Monday, March 4, at 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant, I went to my doctor and was 4.5cm dilated. And on the evening of Thursday, March 7, my Mom said “All along I have thought that you will have your baby tomorrow. I just thought Friday, March 8th would be the day.” (She didn’t know I was dilated at all.) I just said “I will let you know!” but was not expecting baby to come. And on Friday, March 8, at 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, Ava Grace was born. IMG_8061 copy

Friday, March 8th was the original day I wanted our baby to come. And I got my wish! The reason is that Adelynn was born on April 8th – making them exactly one month under three years apart. The other reason is that almost everyone in my family was born on Fridays! My Mom, my Dad, my brother, me, and Dave were all born on Fridays. Adelynn was the only birth that was induced, and that caused her to come on a Thursday. (I like to think that she wanted to wait one more day Smile)

Adelynn was born via c-section, and because of some risk factors, I chose to have a repeat c-section, scheduled for March 14… but Ava had other plans.

Oh, I also thought Ava was a boy. This girl sure has some tricks up her sleeve!

At 4:30am on March 8th, I woke up with contractions. Painful ones, not just uncomfortable ones. I timed them for 30 minutes and they were consistently 6-7 minutes apart. I hadn’t planned to go to labor on my own, but in the back of my mind, I thought they were far enough apart that I could take a shower and then we could go. I woke Dave at 5:00 and told him I was going to take a shower and then we had to leave. While in the shower, my contractions grew significantly closer together. When I got out of my fast shower, Dave was sitting at the kitchen table on the phone with someone from work. He was getting something squared away since he obviously wasn’t going to be at work that day. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t ready to leave – since my contractions has sped up so much, I knew we needed to hurry and go. I asked “Are you working right now?!” and he gave me this look like I was a crazy lady “Yeah…” “Dave! We have to go!!” Poor guy. Last he knew, he had 15 minutes or so for me to take a regular-length shower. (David I know you’ve forgiven me, but I’m still sorry I expected you to read my mind.) My parents came as quick as they could and we headed out the door. In the car I felt like I had to push. This was the most uncomfortable car ride of my life (doesn’t help when your husband is driving like a maniac around the roundabout).

We get to the hospital and slow as molasses they ask these questions: “What’s your name? …What’s your date of birth?…” and every question seemed totally irrelevant right then. Dave explained that we preregistered. Then they finally asked a legit question: “How far apart are your contractions?” This one I answered confidently (and probably loudly): “They aren’t! I need to push!” Here’s a tip for you if you’re ever in my situation. Those words are the magic words. Those words will get you what you want. That’s when they finally put me in the wheelchair and rushed me upstairs.

I get up there and I have to get into a gown. I look over and see two windows that are open and since it’s dark outside, it put me in a fishbowl! I asked them to close the curtains first. They weren’t too concerned about it, but they obliged. (Come to find out the next day, that there is no way anyone could see in the windows as we are on the 4th floor that looks out over the parking lot!) I told them I needed to push and they said as soon as they saw my doctor, they would let me. It’s a very unnatural thing to not push, let me tell you. So at 6:30, they saw my doctor in the hall and it was show time! At 6:50, my doctor said “She’s here!” and they laid her on me. I immediately looked at Dave and said “She?!” We were surprised! She needed a little oxygen, but she was beautiful, healthy and perfect. Dave was able to cut the cord – which shows that he’s come a long way from Adelynn’s labor where he nearly fainted from just knowing a needle was going into my back.

I shouldn’t give him a hard time. He’s incredible support and such a fantastic father and husband. It’s amazing how you can fall in love with someone all over again, just by seeing how they love your children.

The whole thing was kind of empowering for me as well. I took it in stride that I was about to have a VBAC, as I didn’t have any other choice! I didn’t have time to be scared about the potential risk factors. There was no time to panic as I was just ready to get her here. I originally wanted a med-free birth with Adelynn and that didn’t go as planned. I didn’t have time for an epidural this time around, so I got the birth I always wanted. Recovery is a million times easier and I feel like this was really the way to go. I felt like I was a mess, and yet Dave and the nurses said I was really pleasant and that I smiled basically the whole time. (That was encouraging to hear!) It went so fast that it was kind of a blur. Who knew that the least flattering moments of your life could also be the proudest?

With Adelynn, I was thrilled she was here no matter how she came into the world. With Ava, I am thrilled she is here, but the bonus is that her delivery was what I was hoping for, but had given up hope that I would ever get to experience.

IMG_8068 copy

Since we are home.

Adelynn has been the perfect big sister. She is helpful and loving and always concerned. She always finds Ava’s pacifier and her “Snoopy” (Snoopy is Adelynn’s lovie. Ava has a bird lovie, that Adelynn calls “Ava’s Snoopy”). She will come inform me when Ava is crying (she cries very loudly, I can always hear her Smile) IMG_2151
DSC_4152DSC_4164photo 4 (4)photo 4 (7)

She always hugs and kisses her when she walks by her or when it’s time for bed. She never wants her to be left out. I took Ava with me to a meeting the other night and she was very sad “But I going to miss Baby Ava.” She’s had some trouble sleeping and wasn’t napping during the day for almost 2 weeks. She’s back to her naps and she’s awesome. She gets up in the morning and first priority (after going potty of course) is to go look at Ava. She keeps her little stool in Ava’s room now so she can always look in the crib or on the changing table so she can see what is going on at all times with “her baby”.

IMG_8084 copy

Ava could not be a better baby. She sleeps a stretch at night already that is 4-6 hours every night. Most of the time she wakes up to eat and goes right back to sleep if she’s swaddled correctly. (Has to be tight enough, but she wants her arms out.) She isn’t ever fussy, except when she is hungry. She isn’t a fan of diaper changes or clothing changes, but she is getting more used to those things. She doesn’t get upset when her headband falls into her eyes (that always upset Adelynn). She was accidentally hit with her first bouncy ball yesterday by her big sister and she obviously felt it, but didn’t shed a tear. She’s pretty laid back. She also loves baths! The first bath in the hospital – she didn’t cry. The first bath at home she did, but that was the last bath that she cried about. Now she is to the point – at 2.5 weeks old – that even the post-bath routine doesn’t make her cry. IMG_7247
She has started to have awake periods during the day now for 30 mins – 1.5 hours a couple of times every day. She is an incredibly squirmy baby though! Sometimes she makes her way down your lap if you aren’t hanging on tight enough. She has crazy-adorable post-bath hair. She’s started tummy time and the other day she was down for 15 minutes without ever fussing! I only rolled her over at that point because I was tired of laying on the floor! This is probably because my favorite way to hold her is on my chest/shoulder, so, although she favors her back and sleeps that way, she’s used to it Smile In some lights her hair looks red… and you bet I am crossing my fingers! Her face is a carbon copy of her sister’s… and we think they are both beautiful Smile

one baby

We love you so much, Ava Grace! Welcome to our world.

IMG_8043 copy


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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! How exciting to have a spontaneous VBAC!! That’s awesome, i’m really excited for you. Miss Ava is so beautiful! Dave is awfully blessed to have such good lookin’ gals for his own!

  2. Pam Johnston

    Love to hear about the granddaughters! They are very special!!!

  3. Carol Mosier

    Such a beautiful story from a beautiful woman with a fantastic husband and two BEAUTIFUL daughters!!!!! Do I sound prejuiced and proud???? Well I AM!!!!!!!!!

  4. I loved hearing this story!!!

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