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Oh, Adelynn

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(This is while I was still pregnant.)
She wants to play hopscotch. I explain that I can’t really jump very well with a baby in my tummy. “But the baby likes hopscotch!” She defends.



Adelynn brings me a dime. “Mommy I going to put my money under my pillow and the tooth fairy going to come! She going to give me a gold coin! Then I going to have lots of money!”


“Daddy I want a snack.” Adelynn tells Dave.
“Well, Mom is fixing supper right now so we will eat in a little bit.” he says.
“No! I not hungry!”


We walk into a public restroom. Adelynn instantly holds her nose. “It smells like PU in here!”


It is just starting to get dark outside. Adelynn looks outside and asks “Where did all my colors go?”


She got new toothpaste that has a horse in the picture. “Mommy I like my new toothpaste! It’s yummy!”
“Well good! What does it taste like?”
(No horses have ever been harmed at our house!)


She has a pretend phone.
“Who are you going to call?” I ask.
“Nobody.” She answers.
“Why not?”
“The phone doesn’t work. It’s not real.” She informs me.
Geez, Mom.


I’m wearing a knit shirt so there’s big gaps in it and I am getting ready to leave.
”Mommy you need to change your shirt.” Adelynn says
”Why?” I wonder.
”Because you have holes in it.”
I’m so glad she takes care of me and doesn’t want me to embarrass myself Smile



From the backseat:
“I want to read.”
(She has several books back there) “Ok…. go ahead.”
“Mommy I need you to turn down the music so I can read my story.”
I turned it down, fully expecting her to read it to me. Nope! Silence. She just needed to concentrate. Smile


Adelynn found a toy that was like a Weeble Wobble at play group. “They weeble and they wobble but they don’t fall down.” I sang. She slid it down a small slide and it fell on the ground. “They DO fall down, Mommy!”



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  1. shes such a smart girl and so caring!


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