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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn brings a pen out of her room. “Adelynn, what have you been doing?” I ask.
“Oh. I just been coloring.”
Knowing there are few things to color in there I venture to ask “What were you coloring?”
She starts listing on her fingers “My bed and my sweater and (holding up her third finger) Hmm. Mommy what’s this one?”


Her tummy growled during lunch. “Oh. That my tummy.”
“It’s hungry, you better feed it.” I say.
“My tummy says “Eat me! Eat me!” Hehe.”


I put a sweater on her with her dress for church Sunday. She wore it at home but she informed me “Mommy, when I get to church, I’m going to tell you that I’m hot.” (Meaning – she’s going to take her sweater off soon!)


Adelynn had her hair in a pony tail over night. I was about to redo the next morning. She asked why as I was brushing it.
“Because your pony tail is falling out.”
“Oh! Where?!” And she looks down around her.


I pulled out the Ergo carrier and was going to take it to the living room to put Ava in. “Mommy you going to give Ava a piggy back ride?”


Adelynn asked to watch Dora and I forgot to turn it on.
“Mommy I have my pretend Dora downstairs.”
“Yeah I know you do.”
“But I can watch my real Dora up here…”
I was impressed with her subtle reminder.


This conversation occurs after midnight when we are all exhausted and I have finally let Adelynn just sleep in bed with me before Dave came in.
“I love you.”
“I love you too hon.”
“Yes Adelynn?”
“I love Daddy too. Do you like Daddy? I mean, do you love Daddy?”
“Yes I do. Very much.”
“I love Nana and Grandma too.”
“Mmhmm, I do too.”
“And I love Aunt Carol too.”
“Yeah! And I love Grammy and Granddad.”
“Me too hon.”
“I love everybody!!!!”


Adelynn comes to me “Mommy I went potty!”
“Good job, Adelynn!”
“Are you happy? Or proud?” She asks.


She sees a bunch of pigeons on a rooftop. “Mommy can we feed them?”
“Well, we can’t reach them very well.”
“We have a ladder at home!” She offers.


We are getting ready for church and I’m all dressed up. “Mommy you look so beautiful!” I am taking in her sweet compliment when she finishes her sentence “…just like me!”
Humility at it’s finest.



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  1. she says the funniest and sweetest things!


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