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Oh, Adelynn

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Dave is sinking into the couch. “Adelynn the couch is eating me.”
She gives him a blank stare.
“You think the couch will eat me?”
“Why not?”
“Because Ava’s book still sitting there”
Duh! If the couch ate things it would have eaten the book by now. ______________________

Talking about the fact that it is raining. “But my flowers need a rain jacket so them don’t get cold!”

Bugs Bunny comes on TV.
“There’s a rabbit!” states Adelynn
His face gets bigger on the screen.
“Oh, sorry. It’s a bunny.” she corrects herself.

Adelynn drinks my pop and burps.
“Scuse me. Mommy your drink made me scuse me!”

I tell Adelynn we are going to Pizza Ranch for dinner.
Dave comes home and asks Adelynn about dinner.
“What’s for dinner, Adelynn?”
“Pizza and ranch!”

Dave was telling Adelynn how she needs to take a nap to have energy for the evening’s events.
“Energy?” she asks
“Yeah, energy.” He says
“Oh” she smiles to herself, then starts giggling. “That’s a funny word.” ______________________

Adelynn throws a piece of trash on the floor.
*2 minutes later*
“Adelynn, why is that piece of trash on the floor?”
“Oh, because I put it there.”
Yes, thank you for that.

Adelynn puts the toilet lid down. “I closed the toilet door” ______________________

I was telling Adelynn that I was going to be gone in the morning when she got up.
“Oh. Where you going?” she asked.
“I’m going to a baby shower.” I answered.
“You already take a shower today.” She said.
“Yes but this is different. It’s where there’s presents for new babies”. 
“But you can take…” (She’s thinking for a long time)
“Honey I already got a present, now I am going to watch it get opened.”
“But, you can take your soap to the shower!”
I love how literally everything is translated!!

We pull up to this area of downtown Main where there are two huge wooden doors that look like barn doors. “Old Mac Donald’s farm, is that where we’re at?!”


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  1. She is such a beautiful human being. The fact that you are recording all of these is super special!


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