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Bathroom Interruptions

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We all know that as a parent (or grandparent, great-grandparent, friend or distant relative) of a toddler, you don’t get to go to the bathroom alone. We have two bathrooms in our house. One is towards the front of the house, and the other is off of our bedroom. Our master bath is the one I usually use when I need to get away for a minute. Usually by the time she finds me, I am done. I know that’s horrible, but sometimes, I like to pee in peace! I have been interrupted for the oddest reasons, so I started to keep track of these reasons. If you don’t get a few laughs out of this, you will at least get some gratitude for the time you get to be alone in the bathroom.

She opens the bathroom door. “Mommy, I need you to kiss my owie.”


She lets herself in the bathroom and points to the tv. “Mommy I want that for my birthday!”


I tell Adelynn that I have to go to the bathroom and then I will get her a snack. She says “Oh. Ok! I open the door for you and turn on the light.” Thank you, little bathroom attendant. “Mommy, I put the lid up for you.”
“Thank you.”
“Mommy, you going potty or poop?”
“Potty.” I answer.
“Oh. I close the door for you so nobody can come in.” She closes the door while she hangs out in the bathroom. We are the only two home.


She comes into the bathroom. “Mommy, you need to go potty with my wand.” She hands it to me.


She bursts in the door. “Mommy, I have to ask you something.”
“When I am all done with my water, will you get me some more?”


She lets herself into the bathroom, tutu in hand. “I need my tutu on.”


Adelynn bursts in the door.
“Honey, you need to knock.”
“Oh, sorry.” She giggles and closes the door. She knocks.
“Come in!” I call.
She opens the door and stands their smiling.
“What did you need, Adelynn?”
“Oh. Nothing, Mom.” She smiles and closes the door.


“Mommy, you need to wear your flower headband!” and she brings it in for me.


Dave comes out to the living room and picks up Adelynn’s camera. He starts messing with it. He puts it down and says “She just burst in the bathroom and took a picture of me on the toilet. Delete!”


She lets herself into the bathroom. “Mommy! I’m going to tell Nana I have pockets!”


She bursts into the bathroom and immediately puts a ribbon up to her eyes to show me that she can blindfold herself.


“Mommy, why you going to the bathroom by yourself?”
”Well… I guess because you were watching tv.”
”Why you go to the bathroom without me?”


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  1. Carol Mosier

    Love it! I have one more to add…altho she didn’t follow me to the bathroom the other day…We were downstairs and I told her I was going to go up to the bathroom. She didn’t follow me! But when I came back down she said “Did you go? I said “yes”. She then asked “did you wipe?” I said “yes”, she said “did you flush the stool?” I said “yes” and then she asked “Did you wash your hands”. I said yes and she said “you did good nana”.!

  2. Haha!!! This is brilliant. As I, many times, had Olivia join me in the restroom when they came to visit, I can imagine Adelynn feeling the need to be in there with you. Beautiful little moments.


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