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Oh, Adelynn

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I don’t have much to say these days, but leave it to Adelynn…

Adelynn picks a dandelion at Office Max and brings it home. When we get home she says “I am going to go put this flower with the other flowers in the garden.” I fully expect her to walk over to our garden and lay it in there. Nope. She goes to the grass and places it among the other “flowers”. Time for less dandelions!


Adelynn notices I am dressed up. “Mommy you getting married, or I getting married, or Daddy getting married, or Ava getting married?”
“I’m already married. Who am I married to?” I ask.
“You married to Daddy.”
“That’s right.”
“Mommy? Is Daddy the prince?”
🙂 You could say that.


I tell Adelynn I am frustrated, but don’t get to the reason why, but it’s because she isn’t listening (and I was home alone for a week, etc) “Yeah, I frustrating.”


Adelynn is going potty. “Mommy I’m twinkling! …. Twinkle twinkle little star…” she sang.


“Adelynn, I need you to put your pajamas on.”
“Say please.”


Adelynn tells me this long, detailed story about a thunder at bedtime experience that I don’t remember.
“Did that happen?” I ask.
“Yeah. Just a little bit” She says.


Dave and I are on speaker phone but Adelynn takes over translating for us (even though we can hear each other).
“Ask Mom if she wants Taco Bell or Taco John’s.” Dave says.
I heard him. “I want Taco John’s.”
“Mom wants John’s Tacos.” she reports.


Adelynn comes to my room very early and is upset. She starts crying very loudly. Right when I’m talking to her about it (softly) Ava wakes up. Adelynn interrupted me and said “Mommy you’re being too loud!”


I asked Adelynn if she wanted to pray at bedtime. She said she did. She prayed really quietly. I asked her what she prayed about. I think she recently saw an illustration of Jesus because she said “I prayed about Jesus and His dress!” That took all I had to stifle my laughter!!


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  1. Nothing like Adelynn to make you smile!


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