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I’m a little behind in life… part 2

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Today I offer you more pictures to help catch up to speed. I recognize that Easter was two months ago… but lucky for me, this blog is all about honesty without judgment 🙂

We had a few different Easter celebrations. Adelynn hunted eggs three different times. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the first two hunts, but did get pictures of the last at her Great Grandparent’s house. By now she has mastered the egg hunting.

(Help! I didn’t do it!)
Opening her Easter basket from us. She usually has 3 Easter baskets every year (One from each set of Grandparents and one from us).DSC_4250
Cousin Olivia hunting eggs too. Dan and I divided the yard so they could each hunt on their own side.DSC_4259DSC_4262DSC_4263DSC_4268
Meeting in the middle to put the eggs in the basket.DSC_4271DSC_4272DSC_4273DSC_4275DSC_4278DSC_4281
Uncle Dan and Uncle Tim helping get birdseed.DSC_4286DSC_4287

In more current news… 🙂 Ava is now on a predictable schedule. So when she is asleep and Adelynn is otherwise occupied, I should have a little more time to write on a consistent basis. That is, when I don’t get interrupted to get Adelynn her 30th snack of the day… girl is a bottomless pit right now! Must be growing up too fast! 🙂


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  1. They are super precious. Thanks for sharing the photos!!!


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