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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn wants her snack after we are in the car and ready to leave. I didn’t know if she had gotten her snack yet or not. So I told her I would go get it and asked where it was. “Oh. In the tree door.” She said. I’m racking my brain thinking of any toys that look like trees. “What tree door?” I finally ask. “The big tree door.” she explains. I now conclude that it’s a real door, but which one looks like a tree?! “Which room is it in?” I ask. “It’s right by the fridgerator.” She explains. “Oh! The pantry!!” “Yeah!” She smiles. And I did too. ________________________

“Do you want some blueberries?” I ask.
”Oh yeah. And blackberries and green berries.”

Adelynn said she stepped on something outside. I got a tweezers and was going to pull it out of her toe while she was distracted. I started in on it and couldn’t get a hold of it. Since she was distracted, I licked my thumb and found I could wipe it right off. “Better?” I asked. She looked at it, and noticing it was gone, said “Yeah! All better.”

Adelynn has her hand in her panties (scratching her rear). “Adelynn why do you have your hand In your panties?”
“Oh. I’m just cleaning my panties with my hand.”

Ava was propped up on the couch beside me and slowly made her way down the couch until she was laying down. I asked Adelynn “What is Ava doing?”
She looked over and said “Oh, her just doing tummy time”

Dave tells me “Ava just took a cat nap.”
Adelynn pipes up “No she just took an Ava nap.”

I see Adelynn in Ava’s swing that she knows she’s too big for. “Adelynn, you are too big for that swing.”
“But I pretending I small!”

The day care next door has a girl named Adelynn who goes there. We are playing outside at the same time they are. A kid at the day care yells “Adelynn!”
She yells back “Sorry you can’t come over!” And turns to me with a smile “They call me sometimes”.
Little social butterfly.

We are at the grocery store and Adelynn is being a pill. We are leaving and she finds a ladybug and sits completely still and fascinated. I tell Dave “I wish she would have found that at the beginning of our trip”
She heard me “Oh, is the ladybug on your list Mommy?”
“No, but you can take it home” 🙂

Adelynn stalling at bedtime (examining her blanket) “Mom is this inside out? Or not?”


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  1. I really enjoy that you record these. They make for a really delightful read.


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