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Introducing Betty, and a family announcement

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The story of Betty is going to be shared today. She is the newest member of our family.

I am a cat lover, Dave is a dog lover. I don’t dislike dogs, but I don’t feel the need to have one at our house. Dave’s not a cat lover necessarily, but he grew up with them. He also knew Bruce was part of the package when we got married.


We moved into our apartment in August after we got married, and by October we were feeling bad that Bruce spent a bit of time alone during the day, so we searched the local shelter online and found this little princess.


She made herself at home from the first time she came to visit. Her name was Bella (we changed it from Kiki – a good choice we thought.)


It took a couple weeks, but they became friends. They have just had each other since October 2008, so when April 2013 came, they weren’t real thrilled about the new cat hanging around our door.


This year on April 27, we were preparing for a party when Dave came into our bedroom. He said to me “I don’t know why I am telling you this, but there’s a cat outside.” So I went to look, then I had to pet her, and found she was skin and bones. So Dave offered to feed her… and the rest in history.

betty 2betty

I will admit, it was kind of fun to have a cat outside to play with. I grew up with cats outside and forgot how playful they can be! Especially when they are so young. However, after we treated her ear mites, it was time to move her in the house. She adapted to well to living in the house. The other two cats have had their share of tiffs with her, but it’s only been 4 days, and they are coming around.

Betty is definitely meant to be in an inside cat. She just sprawls out on the couch and makes herself right at home. She and Adelynn have a blast playing together. They probably spend a couple of hours every day in Adelynn’s room playing with a piece of string. Then another good chunk of time running around the house while Betty chases said string. I guess Adelynn will have to quit calling her “outside kitty”!

betty 3betty 5betty7 

Betty just moved inside on Monday. And on Monday we noticed something about Betty that we hadn’t noticed before. I know you’re just meeting her, but do you see it?

That “something” would be a belly full of kittens! Of course, that would happen as soon as we decide to keep her, move her in the house and discuss vet care. We got more than we bargained for when she showed up at our house. I’m going to have to go back to my roots to remember how to care for kittens! And if you need a kitten at your house, let me know!

This will be a good learning experience for Adelynn and for us. It will also be a challenge, but we’ve grown to love Betty and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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  1. Welcome, Betty!!! And a house full of kittens! Hope that you are able to find homes for them all. In the meantime, they will be so much fun to hold and have around as they grow 🙂


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