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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn saw Dave’s shoe horn sitting on the floor. “Daddy what is this?”
“That’s a shoe horn.” He answers.
”Oh. Daddy will you blow into it?”


Dave’s on the phone and Adelynn walks into the room. “Are you talking to your parents?”


“Adelynn do you want to sing The B-I-B-L-E with me?”
“Yeah I do!” So we kind of sing it together, then she tells me she can do it herself. Then she sings: ” B-I-B-L-E, and Bingo was his name-o!”


Adelynn wants to play with her friend Claire. We are headed to the water park and there’s a possibility that Claire will be there but I’m not sure. I tell her this and she responds “Can I text Claire and ask her?”


Adelynn does the sign for “I love you”. I explain to her why it is a sign and that deaf people use sign language because they talk with their hands. She laughs. “Momma! Hands don’t talk!” (to herself) “That’s silly.”


Adelynn comes to me with her fingers in her mouth. “Mom I lost my tooth! The tooth fairy came and got it and put it under my pillow.” I laughed a little. “Oh, I mean IN my pillow.” … can you tell that we don’t teach about the tooth fairy at our house?


Before bed Adelynn said “Dad, will you sing me 5 Jesus songs?”


Adelynn was singing Old Mac Donald, but she wasn’t singing the whole thing. So I asked her “Old Mac Donald had a …. what?” …. she doesn’t say anything. “On this farm he had a …. what?”
She finally answers: “BARN!”



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  1. So, my husband and I sit on the couch at night and check all the important social computer stuff together. When you have an Adelynn post, we both get really excited and go read it first. Your daughter is delightful!


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