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Our week in pictures

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We started off with VBS. David did all the tech stuff, taking pictures, running sound and video and putting together the power point each day. (He’s so handy!) I had a crew of preschoolers, Adelynn being one of them. Our theme was Kingdom Rock. The kids wore crowns all week (mostly my preschoolers wore them for a little bit and then they went in my bag until the next day). This is Adelynn on the throne.  DSC_4726[5]
And on the horse.
photo 4 (10)photo (2)
Adelynn doing some bug (5)
We had a Pinterest Party! Craft/snack nights are the best!photo 2 (12)photo 1 (8)photo (3)
The library always has several activities during the week. photo (4)photo 1 (2)
photo 3 (2)
Including craft time every week. photo 5 (2)
Admiring sister’s 3 (11)
Sunday afternoon (6)
Trip to the zoo.
photo 4 (1)photo (8)
Both my girls have always loved the 4 (8)
Sister story time in (7)
Ava started cereal! She did a pretty good job and swallowed most of it! However, the bib spent most of it’s time in her mouth, and as a result, the pocket was pretty full of slobber.
photo 1 (7)photo 4 (7)photo 3 (8)photo 5 (9)
Adelynn wanted her nails just like 2 (5)photo
We had a little house guest all week since her regular day care provider was on vacation. The girls did such a great job playing together. They did puzzles, colored, made cookies, etc.
photo 1 (6)
We had a special purpose for the cookies. They were made to thank our neighbors. We had a crazy storm with 10 minutes of straight hail that got up to be baseball sized – thankfully, we had no hail at our house. We had 80mph winds and rain. It was called a cellular thunderstorm, which is supposed to be very rare. All the damage we had were some limbs from a tree that needs to come down anyway. Two different sets of neighbors came over to help get the limb down before the second round of the storm came through. One set of neighbors picked up everything in our yard, even when they had their own sticks. Another family came over with a truck and chainsaw and they helped cut it all down and hauled it off for us. So these two families needed some cookies! 🙂
photo 2 (6)
Our neighbors, who were on vacation, weren’t so lucky. photo 3 (7)
Yes, that’s their 4 (5)
Golf with Daddy.
photo 1 (11)photo 2 (13)
Helping me pull weeds on a gorgeous morning.
photo 1 (5)
We took Adelynn to see her first theatre movie! After the previews and the 20th Century Fox came up, she said (loudly) “I like this movie!”
photo 4 (3)
Turbo was a cute one.
photo 5 (5)
Last week Betty had 3 kittens! Adelynn is so sweet and gentle with them.
photo 1 (10)photo 2 (10)
Two boys and one 4 (9)photo 5 (10)
Those pictures were taken when they were a few days old. The following pictures were taken a week later:
photo 2 (4)
They have grown so much in a week!
photo 3 (4)photo 3 (5)
This poor thing has been congested and coughing. She hasn’t had a good nap in several days, yesterday she finally took a good nearly-3-hour one! She tends to cat nap and one time when Dave said she took a cat nap, Adelynn corrected him and said “She took an Ava nap.” So we call her naps “Ava naps”. But Friday evening she wasn’t feeling good and took a nap. When she woke up we were on a walk – because the weather was perfect – and she gave me the sweetest smile. So that’s what I will leave you with today! photo 3 (6)


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