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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn and Dave come home from an errand and Ava is crying when they get here. Adelynn asks Dave a question that I couldn’t hear and Dave says “Go ask Mom.” So she runs to me and completely straight faced asks me “Mom did you pinch Ava? Is that why she’s crying?”

We are pointing out letters on a Dave and Busters frisbee.
“What’s this one?” I ask.
“Right! What’s this one?”
You know, L MEN O P….

Adelynn tells me she’s out of toothpaste. I don’t think this is true because I just bought her some and when I brushed her teeth earlier in the day it was fairly full.
“Why do you think you’re out of toothpaste?” I ask.
“Because I drinked it.”
Yep. That would do it.

I tell Adelynn that we are going to a store like Hobby Lobby (Michael’s). She gets excited and starts celebrating by singing “Hobby Lobby to you…” To the tune of Happy Birthday.
Me too, baby girl.

I yell down the stairs to Dave “How do you know when cheesecake is set?” Adelynn hears me and starts up the stairs. “Cheesecake?! I love cheesecake! I’m so excited!” Then she stops mid-step and serious as can be asks “Mom, what’s cheesecake?”

I’m trying to fix one of Ava’s toys and I can’t get it to open. “Mom, Jesus can fix it. Jesus is strong. Jesus is really really strong.” You got it, kiddo.

Adelynn has been reminding me to say “please” lately. So I was prepared:  “Adelynn, please go potty or please go to bed.”
“I will please go potty.”

I’m heading out the door for the evening. At the same time Dave tells Adelynn they are having peanut butter and jelly for dinner (We eat peanut butter to cure hiccups).
“But I don’t have hiccups!” she says.
I am still trying to leave.
“Adelynn, I will be home when you’re in bed.” I tell her.
She turns to Dave “Mom said I’m going to have hiccups when I’m in bed!”

Adelynn plays with my old Barbies. She broke a hair clip that I had in their hair that I used to wear in my hair. (It was a butterfly clip if you remember those!) She comes to me, very concerned. I tell her that it’s old, it’s okay, it used to be mine and I used to wear it in my hair but I don’t anymore.
“You did?”
”Yep.” I answer.
”When you were a Barbie?”
Bless you child.

It’s a cloudy morning.
“Mom is the sun up?” Adelynn asks.
“Yes it is, it’s just cloudy.”
“Oh. Where is the sun?”
I look around and can’t immediately see the sun. “I don’t know, where do you think the sun is?”
“Oh. He’s at home.”
Well, of course!


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  1. Oh, she cracks me up! What a day-brightener she is!


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