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Oh, Adelynn

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We are having a time getting her leggings on. She finally cooperates and we get a leg all the way in. “Good job, Mommy! You did it! Yay!” She claps for me.

She’s playing in the rain.
“Dad, God made the rain.”
“Yes He did.” Dave responds.
”I like God.”

On this particular day, the talking was nonstop. She asked “Mommy are you going to start Ava’s music?” And when I didn’t respond in half a second she repeated the question. Then she repeated it a third time. I needed a moment of silence. I turned to her, bent down, cupped her face in my hands, and, closing my eyes, said “Shhhh…” I stood back up, took a breath and she whispered “Mommy are you going to start Ava’s music?”
I had to laugh at that one.

Adelynn was playing with her Tinkerbell doll. I overhear her saying “I’ll get you my pretty!” I have no idea where she learned this.
“Who taught you that?” I ask.
“I learned it at school. My teacher taught me.” … she doesn’t go to school.

Adelynn pretends to be a dog. She actually licks my face.
“Adelynn! Ew!”  I’m laughing and wiping my face.
”Mommy the doggy likes you!”
Gee thanks.

Adelynn was being difficult. I told my Grandma that I was going to sell her to the circus. She heard me. “I’m going to the circus?! Yippee!”
“No, honey. We aren’t going to the circus.” Then a little bit later in the car she tells Ava “Ava we are going to the circus!”
Ugh. Nevermind.

Adelynn has her wings on and is flapping away. “Mom! I’m butterfly-ing!”

She shows me an owie and says “Mommy you can kiss it if you want to.” So I kiss it. “No it doesn’t hurt right now.”
I didn’t think they were so indecisive until the teenage years.

We are outside getting ready to leave. Adelynn looks at her shadow. “Adelynn it is time to go. Please come get in the car.” I tell her.
”Aw but then my shadow will be lonely!”
She hangs her head.

Adelynn comes out of the bathroom with wet hair. “Uh… Dare I ask why your hair is wet?”
“Oh, because I stuck it in the toilet!”
Dave and I sideways glance at each other.
She laughs really hard. “Mommy is that funny??”


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