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Oh, Adelynn

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I ask Adelynn to give me Ava’s green pacifier. She does and then she spots a pink pacifier. “Mom! That’s Ava’s pink-i-fier!”

When Adelynn loves people she says they are in her heart. Her Grandma was going to come over. “Grandma’s coming? I love Grandma! Grandma is in my heart!”
“Adelynn, who else is in your heart?”
”Grammy and Granddad and Kyle and Daddy and you and Nana!”
”And Ava?”
(I ask about lots of other people too and they are all in her heart.)
”Yeah!” she pauses. “Mommy, Jesus is in my heart too.”
That’s right baby girl.

Adelynn runs in circles around me. “Mommy are you getting dizzy?”

We have told Adelynn that she doesn’t have to tell us when she has to go potty – especially during the night. So she goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night and comes to say “Daddy, I went potty all by myself and I didn’t wake you up!”

Ava had a dirty (cloth) diaper and our water was shut off because we were working in the bathroom. So I put it in the working toilet to spray it and that’s as far as I got. Then she had another one (literally 2 hours later). My Mom changed it and told me about it being dirty. I said
“Man. The other one is still in the toilet.”
Adelynn chimes in. “Mommy I not in the toilet, I right here! Silly Mommy.”
LOL. Apparently I refer to her as “the other one” more than I realize.

We are dancing to “Whip It” (She loves the 80s station on DirecTV). She wants to be a frog, so we are on all fours boogying like frogs. The song says “I say whip it.” In the same tempo Adelynn says “I say Ribbit!”

She has an orange Starburst. She tells us it is strawberry. Dave says “It’s not strawberry.”
“What kind is it?” She asks.
“It’s orange.” He tells her.
“Yeah… what kind is it?”
She was so patient with us.

She finds the princess wand we put in her Easter basket in the basement. “I think Grammy and Granddad got this for me.”
“Daddy and I got that for you.” I tell her.
”OH!! THANKS!!!” She pauses. “I think Grammy and Granddad got this for me.”

Dave was sick and puking in our back bathroom. Adelynn heard it but since it was at the back of the house it was hard to identify the sound. “Mom what is that?” She asks. Then he throws up again. Her eyes widen. In complete seriousness she asks “Mom is that a dinosaur?!”

(Sorry to share that one, Dave. It was classic!)


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  1. That sweet girl makes me smile so big! I love her and her innocence!!!


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