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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn quotes for your Tuesday lunch hour.

I notice Adelynn is wearing the same panties as yesterday. “Adelynn did you wear those panties yesterday?”
”Yeah I did.”
”Honey you have to change your underwear every morning.”
”Oh. But I like to wear these. It’s okay I can wear these.”

Dave and Adelynn are having a conversation and I don’t hear anything but the end. “You’re so sweet.” Dave says.
So he repeated her story for me, word for word.
“…and so I was chasing them.” was in the middle of the story.
Adelynn looks at him with big eyes “You were chasing them too?!”

Adelynn pours me some “coffee”.
“Ooh. What kind did you make?” I ask
”Strawberry and banana and sour cream.”

She’s been into talking about time lately. One day she said “Today I got up at 8-9-3.” And this morning she said “Mom I got up at April 8! (her birthday) That’s why I’m rubbing my eyes.”
“I bet you’re tired!”

Another one about time.
I told her that quiet time would be over when the hand on the clock pointed to the 3. Then I pointed to the 3 so she knew which one it was.
She tries to be polite while informing me “Mom. I know my ABCs.”

Ava is chewing on her lip. I ask her “Ava, do you have any teeth?”
Adelynn pipes up. “She don’t got any teeth. The pretend tooth fairy has to bring her some.”

Adelynn is looking for one of her spoons but settles on one of our regular spoons. She goes over and pats the dishwasher “I think they’re all in the laundry.”

She isn’t listening at bedtime and she wants to play with her balloon. I tell her I’m going to take it away if she’s not going to listen. She looks at me as innocent as can be with her big eyes and asks “Where are you going to put it?” I really hate when she makes me laugh when I’m trying to be firm.

I put Adelynn’s hair in a bun and I tell her it’s called a “bun”.
“Mom I look like a hot dog!” She exclaims.
“What? You look like a hot dog?”
“Yeah! Hot dogs got buns!”

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