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Adelynn is at the perfect age to take to the Fair. She is full of awe and wonder. She isn’t to the point where she’s whiny and begging to do things. She’s just asking lots of questions and, above all, she’s excited. So. Excited. We went four times and our girls were troopers every time. Rain or shine. photo 1 (4)photo 3 (10)

There were so many “firsts” at this Fair since it was Adelynn’s first year to really ride rides. We usually work many many hours at the Fair and this year we stepped back quite a bit in that aspect. Dave took on working the hours we agreed to. It was weird to have so much free time during the Fair.

Here are my top 10 favorite moments of the fair this year (in no particular order)

1. Watching Adelynn ride the Tilt a Whirl.
photo 2 (2)(Is that not the face of pure joy?! She threw her head back and giggled as her tummy tickled. All 3 of us laughed the entire time.)

2. Taking a ride with our friend, Joy. She works at the Fair. She’s our photographer, so this is the only picture I have of her! photo 1 (6)

3. Spending time with my Mother In Law trying to figure out the workings of the 9ft tall, singing, dancing, blue robot.
photo 3 (7)photo 2 (6)

4. Running into the parents of one of my middle school friends. They currently live in Texas. Hearing her say “Cassi?!” to me behind my sunglasses was shocking and wonderful.

5. Adelynn making memories by being able to ride rides with her Aunt Mary and Uncle Kurtis from NY. (Hi Kurtis! I love knowing that you read my blog!) photo 2 (5)
(That’s her Uncle Charles, her Aunt Mary & Uncle Kurtis are pictured below.)photo 3

6. It drove me a little crazy at the time, but I enjoyed hearing Adelynn ask (over and over) “Can we go ride the elephant merry go round now?” She had seen it one day but we couldn’t ride it. We promised we would come back to do that, and she held us to it!
photo 1 (1)photo 4photo 3 (6)
(She waved almost the whole ride.)

7. Adelynn watched the cow milking demonstration. Then we were in the agriculture section of another building and there was a large plastic cow. She got her cup out of the wagon, took off the lid, and placed it under the plastic cow udder because she was thirsty! Is that resourceful 3 year old logic or what?!
photo 1 (9) photo (2)
The other thing I loved to hear Adelynn saying was “Yippee! I so excited!” about everything.

8. Answering people’s questions about the Ergo (baby carrier) and taking in all the sweet comments about Ava just chilling out in there. photo 2 (9)
This was her first ferris wheel ride. She missed it. photo 4 (6)
This was at the very end of our family day at the Fair. She’s a champ.

9. Helping orchestrate a surprise meeting of my friend Rachel and my Sister In Law, who hadn’t seen each other in over a year. photo (1)

10. Watching Dave and Jordan do the Sizzler as long as they could because they were the only 2 on it. The carnies agreed to let them stay on until one of them signaled to stop it. They both held out for several minutes until another little boy wanted on and the ride had to be stopped.

(Riding the big ferris wheel. Some things never change and I love that so much!)

Our girls at the end of our family day. Ava was going strong because she had a full tummy and a nap.
photo 3 (3)
Adelynn fell asleep, while drawing, on the half mile drive 2 (3)

Hope everyone enjoyed the Fair (if you live around here)! Also, it’s time for Fall!


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  1. Cute, cute pictures!!! Oh so those were the elephants she wanted to ride! I kept looking for live elephants after we were with you that one day at the fair.


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