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Someone once made the comment to me “How did we ever do anything without Pinterest?” Hm. How did we ever pack our kids a lunch, decorate a bathroom or clean a house before Pinterest? As much as I love the website and as helpful as it is, there is a ridiculous amount of much pressure associated with it.

First of all, the website manages to suck you in and you can’t ever leave. Then there’s the irony that you look at all of these foods loaded with sugar, you pin them, but then you pin some great workout ideas – all in the same setting! There’s more irony when you spend an hour – on the internet – pinning articles that are titled “More ways to get everything done in a day” and “Time management 101”. You pin “How to clean your house in 15 minutes” while your dust in getting thicker by the second.

Before I get too far, let me say that I love Pinterest. Did you hear me when I said that it’s hard to get off? Now we can continue.

To answer the question “How did we ever do anything without Pinterest?” Here’s the answer: Our standards were normal.

We didn’t kick ourselves if we stopped and bought a pre-made sandwich at the gas station and fed it to our kid one day. Heaven forbid we let them eat a school lunch! Today the pressure is ridiculously high for things like that. We better make sure we buy the organic carrots if we can’t grow them in our own garden. It used to be that we could decorate our bathroom however we wanted. Now we spend time pinning bathroom ideas that will never come true in our regular sized bathroom. It’s all fantasy. NO ONE lives like that. NO ONE makes food like Rachael Ray, while maintaining a house like Martha Stewart, while working out like Jillian Michaels, while extreme couponing, while being Mother Theresa while parenting like June Cleaver. Those ladies are all fine on their own, they all have their own strengths. But when you see your Pinterest page and try to be all of them all at the same time, that is what gets you into trouble.

pinterest women

It’s really not fair to single out Pinterest. It’s just the internet in general. Honestly? Maybe this is just me and the things I find myself reading. I get on Pinterest and look at the adorable outfit pairings they have and then I look at my own closet and can’t manage to find anything to wear. Strike 1. I get home from the grocery store where I just chose to go because I magically had time and both kids were happy. That means I left all coupons at home and only took my list. Then I get home and have emails that talk about all the store sale and coupon match ups that I didn’t participate in. Strike 2. Maybe I make my kid a lunch based on the time crunch, then during down time I get on Facebook and see an article titled “Avoid putting these 5 things in your child’s lunch box this year.” And I fed Adelynn two of the things for lunch that same day! Strike 3. My pride is out. It’s a good thing websites like those don’t define who I am.

What sucks is when you turn to Pinterest for your affirmation. You say “I have a party to plan, I’m going to look and see what I can do that I know will look good.” without even trying first! It’s like Pinterest is the god of the internet. If it’s on Pinterest, then it automatically gets approval. All this stuff does is lead to feelings of inadequacy. I remember the birthday treats my Mom brought for my birthdays at school and they were awesome! And she did it all without Pinterest. Without the internet! Imagine that.

I’ve talked about the Mommy affirmation stuff before because it’s just that important. But it’s hard for me too. I hate to feel bad about something I did, even when no one made me feel that way except for me. And why is that? Where do I get the unspoken Mommy guilt from? I try to do my share of giving affirmation to other Moms and I try not to judge others for their choices because we all have off-days. But it seems we are always our own worst critic.

Don’t you care more about what your kids think of you? About what God thinks of you as you strive to be the best you can be every day? He understands the hiccups, your kids understand the hiccups. What are we teaching our kids when we have to go to Pinterest first to check out ideas for school projects? What does that show them about your own self-worth? What does that teach them and show us about our society of Moms? Pinterest is never going to give you any positive affirmation, it’s going to give you ideas, but it will probably also bring you down. Just some food for thought.

Don’t compare yourself to Pinterest, Momma. You are doing just fine.


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  1. Seriously! I hate when people act like pinterest is the only creative “person” out there! ((I also love it, but hate it because it makes me feel like my ideas aren’t good enough)) Amen mama.

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