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Oh, Adelynn

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If you read my posts from Facebook, you might have missed my last post called Pinterest Pressure. I posted it at a different time of day. Now, on to some quotes from my favorite 3 year old.


Adelynn’s pinky gets pinched in the door. She howls and carries on. She says she needs a bandaid. She goes to get one and comes back. “Mommy which finger does it go on? This one or this one? I can’t member.” Must have really hurt!

I put Adelynn’s hair in a bun again. “Mommy you made a hot dog!” (If you don’t get it, read the end of this post)

My Mom asks Adelynn where Jesus lives. Without skipping a beat she answers “At Dillon Nature Center!”

She shows me her shoe and asks if it goes on her right foot or her left foot. I tell her and she puts it on. She shows me her other shoe “I don’t need help with this one.” Process of elimination 🙂

I got a sunburn the day before. Adelynn notices the pink on my face and asks me what happened. I explain my sunburn as I get her dressed for dance class. She says “Mommy you need to take a shower before we go.”
“I do? Why?” I ask.
She – perfectly honestly – says “Because nobody wants to see that pink on your face.”
She thinks I’m dirty and I can wash it off. Apparently I embarrass my daughter already…

Adelynn asks “Can we go swimming at Aunt Carol’s?” (For the hundredth time.) “Honey Aunt Carol’s pool is closed for a while. We can go in the Summer when it’s open but that’s not until after Christmas, it’s a ways off.”
“Oh. How about after nap or after Dad comes home? Then will it be Christmas?”

We went outside on a bright day. “Look! Our shadows are out today!”

I wake Adelynn up early from a nap. “It’s really big.” She says, half awake. “What’s really big?” I ask. 
“It’s really really big.” She repeats.
“What’s really really big, Adelynn?”
“The water.”
I asked about 10 times where the big water was but I got nothing.

Adelynn doesn’t want to pick up her room.
“But I don’t feel good.” She claims.
“I think you just don’t want to pick up your room.”

Adelynn is holding a raw egg. She’s excited to help her Dad cook supper. She is holding it under her chin in both hands and she crushes it. It goes everywhere. She immediately turns to Dave. “Dad you didn’t tell me they were messy!”


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  1. Tell Adelynn I like the sunny days when the shadows are out. These are great- its fun to see their minds working.


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