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Oh, Adelynn

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She says she wants to watch a show and I pass it. She says “I said I want to watch Little Mermaid. You’re supposed to listen to me. You’re supposed to listen to Jesus too.” Guilt trip!

I hear her singing: “Old Mac Donald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on his farm he had a dog and Bingo was his name-o! B-I-N-G-O…”

We are headed to eat with my parents, but driving separately. “Mommy where are Grammy and Granddad?” Adelynn asks.
“They’re behind us.” I answer.
“Oh. We are going to beat them there.” She observes.

I’m in Ava’s room and Adelynn is in the living room. She comes running in and says “Mom my tummy growled! Did you hear it?!”

Adelynn tries to get a drink at the water fountain but it’s broken. “Oh no! It’s all out of water! Somebody drinked it all!”

She finds a pretzel under her bed. “Mom here’s a pretzel!”
“What should you do with it?” I ask.
“Hm. Put it in my mouth?”
“Okay… what else could you do with it?”
“Um… put it in my tummy?”
I give up.

One of our friends painted a portrait of Dave. Adelynn sees it for the first time. “Dad looks funny with that makeup on.”

She sees a handicapped parking sign. “Mom! That sign says to sit!”

Adelynn gets some fake flowers for herself and some for me. She tells me she is getting married.
“Who are you marrying?” I ask.
“I going to marry Daddy! Who are you going to marry?” She asks me.
“Well I don’t know. I wanted to marry Daddy too.”
She thinks for a while. “You can marry your Daddy.”
“I think Grammy already married him.” I tell her.
“Oh. Well, you can marry Granddad too. I going to marry Daddy.”
I don’t get to marry my husband. At least I know my daughter picked a winner 😉

Her marker dried out. “Mom I think this one is out of coloring power.”


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  1. Haha! You have a song mash-up artist at your house! She is super duper precious.


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