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Oh, Adelynn

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“Mom I found what that smell was in my room!” Adelynn comes to me with a sticker in her hand (the pokey kind you get from the farm). She throws it in her trash can.
She breathes in deep through her nose. “Mmmm it smells much better in here now.”


I tell Adelynn to turn off the TV so we can go outside.
“Yeah! We don’t want it to run out of batteries.”


The kitten is downstairs and is meowing to be let in. He starts to get impatient and gets a really deep and pathetic meow going. “Mom the baby kitten is meowing crooked.”


Ava holds both hands together like babies sometimes do.
“Mom, Ava is praying!”


I’m telling Adelynn that she’s beautiful just the way she is and that she should never change anything about herself for anyone.
She laughs and looks down at her shirt. She says “But I have to change my clothes! Sometimes they get dirty.”


Adelynn sees I have gum in my mouth.
“Mom what kind is that?” She asks.
“Um… mint?”
She bursts out laughing.
“What are you laughing at?” I ask.
“Mom that’s a funny word! MINT. Hahahahaha!”


Adelynn has to go to the bathroom. We are sitting in the car in a parking lot, right beside the handicapped stall and she sees it.
“I have to go potty. They have a potty! Look!”
“I know they have a potty, but where do you see it?”
She points to the handicapped sign. “They’re going potty. See?”


I tell Adelynn the grasshopper in her bug cage “is hopping away!” Just meaning “Look at him go!”.
She said “He’s not hopping anywhere, he’s in the box! Silly Mommy.”


And sometimes she just says funny things.

She calls crushed ice “Crunched ice”

She swears a shepherd’s staff is called an anchor.

She has recently quit, but for the longest time, instead of asking “What did you say?” She would say “What you said?”

She said she “Sneaked on Dad” when she jumped out to scare him.

She recently asked me to pass the “Peppersalt”.


I’m pushing Adelynn on the swing. “Push me high like Daddy does!”
“Well, I will try but Daddy is pretty tall.”
She finishes my sentence. “Like Granddad and Grandpa and Kyle and Grammy!” HAHA!



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  1. These quotes are great things to catalog in your blog. They are so precious and only last such a short time by comparison so to be able to look back on them, smile and share them later are all wonderful things!


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