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Oh, Adelynn

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We are eating and Dave gives Adelynn some food. She toots.
”I just tooted.” she says.
”What do you say?” Dave asks.
”Thank you.”

She pulled her shirt off and left it on her head. Her sleeves were laying on either side of her head. “Look mom! I have pigtails!”

Adelynn is in time out right next to Ava’s jumper. Ava is getting under my feet while cooking, so I put her in it. “Mom, why is Ava in time out too?”

As an added bonus: Adelynn calls Petco “Puppy Target”

We had our house sprayed for spiders a few months ago. A fly was getting on Adelynn’s nerves shortly after. “Mom we need to call the bug man again to come because this fly is bothering me.”

It’s the middle of the afternoon and Adelynn turns off a lamp. I look at her. She turns off another lamp. I give her a Mommy look. “Mom am I a stinker?”

“Mom can I have dessert since I ate a good supper last night?”
It’s the middle of the morning.

Adelynn looked at my forehead/head and, very confused, asked “Where are your lumps?” I was so confused as to what she was talking about. A few days later I was talking to her about disobeying. She looked at my face very intently and said “Mommy your lumps are up.” I’m wondering what I have now that I was missing the other day. She informed me that my lumps go up when I’m angry. Finally I pointed and asked “Are these my lumps?” “Yeah. Your lumps are up.” “Adelynn these are my eyebrows.”

Adelynn notices how tall she is when she leans against the back of her chair. “Mommy am I getting taller?”
”You sure are!” I say.
She gets excited. ”Mommy I don’t know how to stop growing!”

Adelynn blows bubbles in her cup. “Mom did you hear me blowing bubbles?”
“No I did not.”
“Do you want me to blow bubbles louder?”

She has a taco in her hands and we are ready to pray for the meal. She says she can’t pray because her hands are full. We tell her it’s okay and we will pray anyway.
She says “It’s okay, I will just pray with my eyes.” She closes them tight.


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  1. I love that eyebrows are “Lumps” and that she has figured out how to read them:) Also praying with your eyes! She could have been in the book that used to be around called “Kids say the darndest things”

    Its wonderful that you are recording all these. They will bring many smiles!
    Love Aunt Vicki

  2. Pam Johnston

    These are great! They are so precious in their sayings and explanation of life’s moments.
    Love, Grandma


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