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Oh, Adelynn

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It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. But Adelynn will fix that Smile


Ava is under the dining room table while we are eating. There are still remains there from the last meal. Adelynn states – very calmly, like it’s normal – “Mom Ava’s eating what we had last night.” ___________________________________

Adelynn comes into the bathroom while I’m in there. “Mommy do you need to borrow my potty seat?”
”No thanks. I’m too big for a potty seat.”
(She only ever uses it for pooping anymore)
”Oh. I mean my poop seat?”
”No thanks, hon.”

We were watching the Christmas light show at a local church. They have Christmas Trees outlined in lights that sing along with a radio station. We turn on the music and listen/watch several songs. Adelynn says “I think they know all these songs!”

I sent Adelynn to her room for quiet time. She came back to voice her disapproval “Mommy you broke my heartbeep.” (heartbeat)

Adelynn asks what color my hair is. I tell her it’s red. Since it isn’t Ariel-red, she doesn’t believe me. She says “No it’s not! See?” And she pulls a strand in front of my face.

Ava has a snot-booger on her face. “Mom! Ava has a snotter!”

I’m warming up oatmeal that I made the day before. Adelynn already had her breakfast picked out. “Mom I want some oatmeal too.”
”Well, this is the last one.”
She informs me “Oh, don’t worry, I will share with you.”

She gets rainbow goldfish as a snack. She takes them to her room and comes out concerned, one of the “regular” orange goldfish in hand. “Daddy these aren’t rainbow fish!”

I was chopping broccoli. I guess Adelynn has never seen it pre-chopped. She’s used to the chopped, raw broccoli. I show her the crowns I haven’t cut yet and her eyes get huge. “Mom! The broccoli growed!”

I’m reading in a newsletter that Ava won a prize at playgroup. I say in my best announcer voice “The winner is…. AVA!” The next second Ava knocks her whole snack all over the floor. Adelynn chimes in “The winner is… not Ava!”


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  1. What a great way to start my day!

  2. Haha! I can tell that these two are going to be excellent in sisterhood!


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