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A Mother’s Grace

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I had this post written a while back and was waiting for the right time to publish it. Well… today, after 2 rounds of cat puke, one big baby food mess, a glue incident, a teething 10 month old and a whiny, exhausted 3 year old (my fault, kept her up late for game night at a friend’s last night) and dropping my bowl of food all over the floor at dinner tonight… my husband went out in the freezing (6*) cold to get me the root beer I desperately wanted. I promptly overflowed my float cup. And that is when I decided to sit down and publish this post. Enjoy.

How often do we give grace to our kids as mothers?

You spit up on me? It’s alright, you can’t help it.

You yelled at me? That’s okay, I know you’re tired.

You don’t want to put your shoes on? I understand, you don’t want to leave.

I’d say we give grace a lot.


But then we turn it around on ourselves.

I snapped at you because you wouldn’t take off your coat and get in your car seat? Ugh, I shouldn’t have been so impatient. You’re a kid!

I didn’t come straight to you when you slipped on the kitchen floor while running in your socks after I warned you that could happen? Wow, I should have just put cooking on hold.

But why do we do that to ourselves? She’s not going to go to therapy someday because you were short with her for disobeying. She’s not going to think that you never kissed her owies because you had a delayed reaction a few times.


Literally, one day after I snapped at Adelynn for not getting in her car seat, something occurred to me. I have shared several links about encouraging fellow moms, but I couldn’t think of anything I had read that had the words I needed at the moment.

I just needed grace! I wasn’t thinking “I’m the worst mom ever” or “I might as well give up on today since I screwed it up already”. No, I was just needed a little forgiveness. Not from my kid, who had already forgotten, but from myself.


I give grace daily to my kids just as Jesus gives it to me – and that’s the key.


I model Jesus to my kids by giving them grace every day. So today I am going to choose grace. I’m going to openly receive it from my kids and from my Jesus. I’m going to generously give it to my kids, and to myself, even when I don’t feel I deserve it.

So the next time Adelynn skates over my bare pinky toe after I told her to take the skates off, I will give her grace. And the next time I snap at her for skating over my toe, I will give myself grace.


Give yourself some grace, Momma. And on some days, give yourself lots of grace. You’ll make it. You deserve it.



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  1. Perfect read for this day. Thanks, Cassi!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to tell me that, Julie!


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