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Ava is ONE

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It’s impossible to believe that a year ago we welcomed Ava Grace. She had her first birthday on Saturday!

Here’s a recap of her life so far.

avabirthOne monthTwo monthsThree monthsFour monthsFive monthsSix monthsSeven monthsEight monthsNine monthsTen monthsEleven monthsKC8A9676 copy

She’s walking everywhere – at a very fast pace. She voices her opinion, just like she laughs, cries, and everything else – loudly! She is independent and super cuddly. She says “hi”, “mama”, “dada”, “anna” (Adelynn), “buh buh buh” (bumblebee) and “ah duh” (all done), she loves patty cake, bumblebee and peek a boo. She instigates lots of these games or sound effects that she wants you to copy. She can tell by listening to conversation when someone is leaving and she will start to wave, even if the word “bye” is not ever used. She’s a champion waver. When she sees a lion in a book, she roars. When she sees a dog in a book, she whispers a “woof”. She already pretends a little bit. She uses things as phones and says “hi” into them. If she gets a brush she will brush her own hair or mine – and we never taught her that. She’s a smart cookie. She’s still as wiggly and happy as ever. When she’s quiet, I never worry about her. It just means that she’s reading books somewhere.

Since Ava had a birthday, she also had a party…
She wasn’t real interested in her gifts until they were open. She shocked us all when she was dainty about her cake. She’s normally an aggressive and messy eater. So when she only dropped 2 pieces on the ground, and then picked them up and ate them – leaving no mess at all – we were pleasantly surprised. She didn’t even need a bath.

The time change was that night, so the girls crashed hard. Having them go to bed early worked out perfectly since we lost an hour. We also didn’t have any responsibilities at church in the morning, so we slept in and just went to 3rd service and home!

Since this is the last year that Ava won’t have an opinion on her birthday décor, I picked what I wanted. I chose a vintage theme that included burlap, lace, blue and coral. You can’t see Adelynn’s dress very well, but it’s vintage too.

(Adelynn looks like me in that picture and it’s exciting!) use5use6
Not quite all our guests ended up in pictures, but we had a great turnout. All of Ava’s 10 grandparents were there, plus 3 aunts, 2 uncles, 6 cousins, her parents, her sister, 2 cats, and some good friends.use8
Cousin Brody taking a video of Ava opening her gifts. She was much more interested in his toy than finding out what was in hers.use7
This was the first and last gift Ava had any interest in opening. She really didn’t care at Christmas either. She was just content with them once they were open.
Dave’s mom made the cakes exactly how I wanted! They were adorable. use3
Party table! On the small left table is a place to write birthday wishes to Ava for her scrapbook. In the brown bags is a candy-coated, pink popcorn. Dave actually helped me make the majority of those brown bags. Who knew he was so handy with a glue gun?! I made everything else, including the banner and table cloth/runner. It’s also hard to tell, but on the back right is a shutter with pictures of Ava clothespinned on it. There is one from each month of her life. (exactly the ones shown at the top of this post).

Cake time!use 18use10use 19use13use15
Look at that concentrated face… and adorable shaggy hair.use16use12use17

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!


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