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Bedtime Stalling

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I cannot be the only one who has a child who gets more creative each night with her abilities to reason in favor of staying awake just a little longer… She always comes out to the living room where Dave and I are.

Here’s some of her creative work:

“All my books are on the floor!”

“Dad can you tell me story about when you was little?”

“I hurt myself a little bit, but I’m okay now.”

She comes out completely silent. Walks over to Dave and gives him a big hug. Walks back to bed without a word.

“Mom can I have breakfast in the morning?”

“Mom what are we doing at church in the morning?”

“Mom I have to ask you something.” *Crickets chirp for a longggg time before she asks a random question.

“I’m just waiting on you guys to go to sleep.”

She bursts out and runs to us in her new nightgown. “Mom can I spin around in circles and dance in my new nightgown in the morning?”

“I just blowed my nose. I ate supper and blowed my nose and then it wasn’t running anymore. Dad is your nose running? Mom is your nose running?”

“My feet are cold. I need socks.” (She can put them on herself.)

She comes out and fake coughs (realllly bad fake cough). “I need medicine. I’m sick.”

Adelynn yells from the bed, increasing in volume each time “Daddy I’m going to be quiet next time!”

She has a hole in her blanket along the edge. She puts her head through it and runs out to the living room “Mom it’s a super cape!”


Oh, Adelynn. Sometimes you’re funny when you don’t sleep.


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  1. This girl is a spittin’ image of her mama. Yep. No kidding. Really. 😉. I love my girls!


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