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Oh, Adelynn

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Some more words of wisdom from my favorite 4 year old.


Adelynn notices a fly in the house. “I will be right back. I have to go tell that fly that I’m going to kill him.”


Adelynn wants macaroni for dinner but we don’t.
“You want chicken helper?” Dave asks.
“I want macaroni helper.” Adelynn states.


Adelynn likes to be given ideas about what to draw on her little board in the car.
She asks “Mom, what do you like when it’s raining?”
“Rain boots.” I tell her.
“Oh, rain boots. Okay, first I am going to draw your head.”
“Why do you need to draw my head if you’re drawing rain boots?” I wonder.
“Because you have a head!”
That cracked me up.

A few minutes later she asks what else I like when it’s raining.
“An umbrella” I answer.
“Okay, I’m drawing your head first.”
This time it makes sense to me as to why she’s drawing my head.
We park and she shows me her board, I was fully expecting to see myself with an umbrella.
“Mom I drew a bunny!”
And a perfect bunny it was!


Adelynn tells me she wants to wear the dress “with three sleeves”. I have no idea what she’s talking about. So I have her show me in the closet. She shows me her pink dress with the 3/4 length sleeves. THEN it all made sense!


Ava likes to put her forehead against yours. She thinks it’s funny and she shows affection that way. She was doing it to Adelynn. Adelynn told Ava “Ava, don’t push your head on my head.”
I explained to Adelynn that that she was just loving on her.
“Oh! She’s head wrestling!” 🙂


Adelynn had macaroni for dinner. A little while later she is drinking water. “My macaroni is getting wet since I’m drinking my water!”


Adelynn notices the 9 on the bottom of her shoe.
“Mom, these shoes are 9s. I don’t wear 9s.”
“Yes you do, that’s your shoe size.” I tell her.
“No they’re not they’re – (she counts her toes on one foot) 1-2-3-4-5s!”


I told Adelynn she got to go with Grammy and me to the MCC sale. Dave walks in the room.
“Daddy! I get to go with Mom and Grammy to the ABC sale!!”


Ava found a bottle of baby wash. Somehow she managed to get the screw-on lid unscrewed and spilled a bunch of soap on the carpet. Right before that, I had brought her in and washed her legs since she got dirty outside. I watched her spill the soap and told Dave what was happening. I rescued the soap and said “Of course I just brought her in and gave her a sink bath. Why else would she get messy? Why else would she figure out how to unscrew this lid?”
Adelynn pipes in, slightly baffled “Why else?”


Adelynn has to go potty on the way to the restaurant.
We get there and Dave says “Come on Miss-I-have-to-go-potty.”
“Hey! That’s not my name. My name is Adelynn ________ (last name) But some people call me alligator.”
(Her teacher always says “See ya later Alligator!”)



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  1. She is too too funny. These all made me smile and feel like I knew a little part of your life and hers! Thanks for sharing.


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