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Easter Weekend:

Opening Easter gifts at Grammy and Granddad’ 1 (3)
Opening Easter baskets from Grandma and Grandpa. Adelynn was wearing her swimsuit and Ava was throwing a fit. Just another day in paradise. Winking smile photo
Ava liked the ball we got her.
photo 2photo 1
Adelynn liked everything in her basket from 3 (1)

She got rain boots from Aunt Mary and Uncle Kurtis for her birthday. She didn’t have to wait very long to try them out!
photo (1)

The flowers grew as tall as Ava! She loves to smell them.
photo 2 (1)

Hair day!

My lovely friend Hannah transformed both Adelynn’s hair and mine. It was so fun to make the 45 minute drive and spend the day 1 (6)photo 2 (6)photo 3 (4)photo 4 (2)photo 5 (2)

An over night stay in the hospital:

Napping while waiting at the clinic for answers. (Dave was watching March Madness)
photo 1 (7)
She didn’t feel good but was the happiest hospital patient ever (she takes after her Momma!)
photo 2 (7)
Happy to be home and she loved her pinwheel from Grammy and 4 (3)

Sesame Street Live:

Silly cousins posing at Sesame Street Livephoto 4 (4)
They both had a great time clapping and dancing. (I did too! I love Sesame Street.)photo 3 (7)
She crashed on the way home while playing on the 4 (5)


Decorating Ava’s Room: (FINALLY!)

This was Ava’s birthday party table. I made the banner for her and then I didn’t know what to do with it once the party was over. DSC_4251 
So I removed the burlap, added some more color to it and hung it on her wall! photo 4photo 5
When Adelynn was little, she had 9 solid color canvases hanging on her wall. She helped me repaint them to hang in Ava’s room. Here’s before, during and after. DSC03049
(That is Adelynn’s room as a baby)photo 1 (9)
Here’s the final product hanging on Ava’s wall!photo 2 (11)

A day in the life…

Dave left for a business trip and the first morning he was gone, I woke up to this sight beside me in my bed Smilephoto 1 (11)
My heart just swells when they spend their time 2 (10)
My heart does not swell when Ava finds markers and I don’t notice right 3 (3)
She decided to make a fort once she saw the sheets drying over the kitchen chairs. And she also dressed herself Smilephoto 5 (3)
We rode bikes to the playground and this girl was loving it!photo 4 (6)
This girl too! They are both fearless!photo 3 (8)photo 1 (10)photo 5 (5)
Blocks and jammies… living the good 5 (1)photo 1 (5)
We have one daughter who takes the straight and narrow (driver) and one who takes the path less traveled (passenger hanging on with one hand while standing).photo 2 (5)
If it’s quiet in my house, I am usually not worried. The reason why I don’t worry is right here. This is what she is usually 1 (4)photo 3 (2)
One morning I got Ava dressed and went to finish getting ready. I came out to the living room and saw that Adelynn already picked out a headband and put it on her sister! She’s a great 5 (6)
We LOVE to visit miss Joy at work!photo 1 (3)photo 1 (6)
I promise I dress my children. I just realized this is the 5th picture of Adelynn in her 1
Cat sandwich.
photo 1 (5)
Playing outside with the doggy on the beautiful 2 (5)
You would never know it by her face, but Ava decided to not be satisfied with being put down while I made dinner. So she sat in the Ergo and ate her cracker. Everyone was happy!photo 2 (3)
Playing wedding and airplane with her sister’s Little People toys, all while dressed as Little Bo Peep. This girl has got it made!photo 4 (5)
Too cute! Ava and Granddad sharing a cupcake, shirt color and facial expression at Adelynn’s birthday party. photo 4 (2)
I never know what she will change into during her quiet time in the afternoons. On this day she chose her new swimsuit. photo 3 (4)
And she chose her fanciest dress for her 4th birthday party. So 3 (2)photo 5 (4)
Bruce adopted Adelynn’s rain boot 5 (2)photo 5 (5)
We all took turns being sick (some lasting a horribly long time before we found probiotics!) On this morning I was sick. Adelynn made toast and buttered it for herself and me! She’s so good at taking care of 5 (1)
Row, row, row your boat…
photo 4 (4)
Adelynn got a big doll house for her birthday. She loves it!photo 4 (3)
Bella loves it too Smile
photo 5 (3)
At the park.
photo 4 (6)
Uncle Kyle got her this board for her birthday. She made this caterpillar all by herself! She loves crafts and is so much like her Mom. And there’s nothing she can do about it! hahaha.
photo 2 (6)photo 2 (1)
I was cleaning out the flower bed and she wanted to dance in the leaves. She can always make lemons out of lemonade. photo 1 (1)
We had ice cream for snack on this beautiful day. Ava fed 1 (2)photo 3 (1)
She wanted cake and ice cream after she chose macaroni as her birthday dinner. We had to light candles for each dessert and sing… 1 (4)photo 2 (4)photo 3 (3)
When I lay on the floor to play, someone will usually climb on my back. I guess it’s a perfectly good place to sit while reading!photo 1 (8)
Or having a tea party.
photo 4 (7)photo 2 (8)
Adelynn complained about not having the use of her hands while she carried her baby around. The infinity scarf I made her easily turned into a baby sling. She’s already wearing her babies!photo 5 (6)
Another reason Adelynn is like her mom… This box is normally an indoor slide. While I was doing some sewing, she had stood it up on it’s side. She called me over to see it. It was now a recycling bin! She threw a bunch of play food boxes (all cardboard) and a few other things in there. Everything in there was recyclable! I was so impressed, not only that she’s green like mom, but that she chose to spend her play time recycling. Smile
photo 3 (8)


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  1. Love the Pictures! What beautiful and fun loving girls!!!


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