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Adelynn is playing t-ball for the first time. It’s fun!
photo 4 (9)
Adelynn’s favorite places are the same as mine: Target, Starbucks and Qdoba!photo 1 (2)
It is never a safe thing to lay down on the floor at our 4 (11)
Ava had just woken up from her nap. I went to the bathroom and when I came out I was going to get her. Well, her sister beat me to it. She was ticking her with the tickling paws from the Tickle Monster book.
photo 4 (13)
The sunglasses always go on the head.
photo 4photo 5
We took an extended family vacation to Springfield, MO. Or “The Field” as Adelynn called it. She watched Frozen on the way there.
photo 2 (2)
We went to the Springfield Zoo…
photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)
We had story time…
photo 5 (1)
Ava had adventure time where she climbed to the back of the couch to get to the iPad.
photo 5 (2)
There was a paddleboat…
photo 3 (3)
and a trampoline.
photo 3 (2)
Ava kept trying to steal drinks of Dave’s Caribou Coffee drink. She finally grabbed it. I don’t think she actually got any liquid, but she enjoyed trying!photo 4 (2)photo 1 (3)
Dave and Adelynn both had SO much fun fishing! They both caught 2 (3)
We had a campfire complete with s’mores!
photo 3 (1)photo 4 (1)
Dave and I were cuddling on the couch when the world’s biggest cuddler came to join us.
photo 4 (3)

Such a good little pool filler.
photo 5 (4)
Feeding her sister yogurt “Mom! Ava has a beard!”photo 5 (6)
Adelynn closed the game closet for the night.
photo 5 (10)
Being a princess with butterfly wings is hard work.
photo 5 (11)
She’s an adventure seeker…
photo 2 (11)
Here is my command center before…
photo 2 (13)
and after!
photo 4 (12)
She always cracks me up when she gets something long and narrow. It always goes across her mouth like a rose.
photo 2 (14)
This cardboard box is normally an indoor slide. She turned it on its side and made it into a recycling bin! I looked inside and everything in it was recyclable!
photo 2
Hanging out in the tree at Grammy and Granddad’s.
photo 3 (4)
Dare devil strikes again! I left her for one whole minute and she had climbed onto the piano!
photo 3 (5)
She decided she wanted to get into the pool with the stethoscope while fully clothed. So she did.
photo 3 (7)
Staying awake after choosing to get up at 6:30 am is just kind of difficult.
photo 3 (10)
She was entertained by the dry bathtub.
photo 3 (8)
This shelf needed some work…
photo 1 (11)
While it was being fixed up, Ava enjoyed the books! For about 45 minutes straight!
photo 4 (10)
Ah. Much better.
photo 3 (11)
photo 5 (9)
Adelynn had a dance recital in May! Here she is with her flowers from Aunt Mary and Uncle Kurtis.
photo 5 (7)
Cousin Olivia made the 45 minute trip to see her cousin dance. They shared a chair during the time Adelynn was a part of the 2 (6)
photo 4 (7)
We spent an afternoon at a nearby wildlife park to celebrate Dave’s Grandma’s Mother’s Day. Here is Adelynn feeding the lemurs.
photo 5 (5)
She had to ride in the stroller to make sure she could hang on to her roly poly.
photo 3 (6)
Feeding fish.
photo 4 (6)
photo 1 (7)
photo 1 (6)
Bruce enjoys Adelynn’s doll house. Photo by Adelynn.
photo 4 (5)
Bruce gets dressed up. A lot.
photo 1 (4)
Mom and Dad’s shoes are always the best shoes.
photo 1 (5)
photo 1 (10)
This crafty girl came up with her own idea and created this picture frame all by herself during her quiet time!
photo 1 (12)
She took her booster seat and colored in the middle of the restaurant floor while we paid. Well… why not?
photo 2 (8)
Already driving her sister and friend around.
photo 2 (4)
Playing games at the public library.
photo 2 (9)
She LOVES avocados. She peeled this one herself and ate it. Yes, I normally cut them, but she made breakfast for herself on this day and this is what she chose. YUM!
photo 1photo 2 (5)
They made a friend while playing in the rain!
photo 2 (10)

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  1. 1) I love your knob thing on the wall 🙂
    2) And your bookshelf; how do you make time to make things!? I need help.
    3) Jane is just like Ava. Whenever Justin and I try to cuddle she always squeezes her way in…and then Jack attacks too.
    4) Great pictures 🙂

  2. love picture time!


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