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Oh, Adelynn

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She’s at it again…

She sees professional golf on TV. The ball is flying through the air. “Hey! That’s the same kind of ball my Daddy has!”

Adelynn explains the art of expanding her roly poly collection: “First you catch them and put them in the box. Then when they die, you dump them out.”

We often play I-Spy in the car. Dave takes his turn. “I spy something tan.” Adelynn informs him “Tan isn’t a good color. You need to pick a pretty color like pink or orange or green or blue. But not black.”

Ava is grunting. “I think Ava is pooping so you can change her diaper. I don’t think she likes that diaper so she wants you to change it.”

Adelynn is yelling for me. “Mom!…. Mom!…… Mommy! …. Mommy Faith!” Obviously that is my name since hers is Adelynn Faith.

“I’m thirsty. I need a drink from the water mountain.”

Adelynn finds orange marker on her side. She starts laughing. “Hey! Jesus didn’t make me like this!”

Adelynn wants me to cook something for lunch but we are short on time. “Adelynn we are going to eat out of the fridge today.” I say.
“Mom! We can’t eat out of the fridgerator! I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” She laughs at me.

I tell my Dad this story while Adelynn listens. “Yeah!” She chimes in “It would be freeeeeezing in there!”

She hands Ava pieces of cheese I just grated. “Mom I’m feeding Ava cheeselets!”

Adelynn asks her Grandma “Can you come to Vacation with us?”
I am unaware of any planned vacation. “Adelynn where is our vacation?” I ask.
“Vacation Bible School”


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  1. Pam Johnston

    Love these!

  2. She’s always got something insightfully funny!


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