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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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Today’s Oh, Adelynn also features Ava – who has quite the large personality!

Adelynn yawns.
“What are you yawning about?” I tease.
”I yawned because you did.” She says.
It is proven that yawns are contagious now. We don’t even need science. We have four year olds.

Adelynn brings me my Bible. “Mom, do you always call your book Luke?”

Ava found the potty seat. So Adelynn assumed “Mom! Ava is ready for potty training!”

We have chicken soup at a restaurant. As innocently as can be Adelynn remarks “This kind of smells like cat poop.”

“Mom I’m really thirsty.” Adelynn tells me.
”We will get drinks. All you have to do is ask.”
”Mom can I have some pop please?”
Nice try.

In a very dramatic tone – with wide eyes – Adelynn says “Mom my tummy just growled really softly!”

Adelynn’s panties weren’t exactly clean… (Come to find out it was the fault of the laundry lady – who believes they were tucked in some pants during laundering). We are talking about the importance of hygiene. She was claiming that she didn’t get them dirty. “Mom I think they were just made this way.”

My Grandma gets a phone call and Adelynn asks her “Is that your honey?”

And now the first couple of Oh Ava’s:

We are making play doh food and putting it on pretend kitchen plates. Before we eat, Ava folds her hands and points to Adelynn (Ava always wants Adelynn to pray when we eat real food, so why not before we eat pretend food?) Of course we prayed for it! We aren’t ungrateful for our play doh!

Dave tells Ava “We need to blow your nose.” She knows full well what that means and is actually good at blowing her nose. But instead she leans over and blows air out of her mouth onto her Dad’s nose.


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  1. Pam Johnston

    These are great!


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