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Oh Adelynn, Oh Ava.

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Oh, Adelynn.

“Adelynn have you brushed your teeth?” I ask.
”Um… yes.”
”You did? When?” I ask.
”I brushed them yesterday.”

I make a mess at dinner – all over the floor.
“Who is the messiest?” I ask.
I raise my hand.
”Who is the oldest?” Dave asks.
Adelynn jumps in “Nana!”

At bedtime with Adelynn. Hands folded and eyes closed squinty-tight. “Thank You for my Daddy and that he takes good carry of us.”
Amen, sister

I asked Adelynn what she did last night at her sleepover with Nana.
“I don’t know.”
I prompt her “I think you watched the zoo movie… and fell asleep…”
She stops me right there with her giggles “I didn’t fall asleep! Silly Momma!”
“You went to sleep, right?”
”I sleeped but I didn’t fall asleep!”
”How did you go to sleep then?”
”I just closed my eyes and put my head down like this.” (she laid her head down)
She was still shaking her head and me, laughing and insisting that she didn’t FALL asleep. Probably because that sounds dangerous.


Adelynn has a stuffed dog named Ginger. She comes to us in the middle of the night and says “I need Ginger. I put him in the fridgerator.” We look in the fridge… no such thing happened.

“Mom do butterflies have noses?”

We are going to go to dinner with my parents. Adelynn tells me she wants to sit by Grammy.
“Why do you want to sit by Grammy?” I ask.
”Because Grammy gives me whatever I want!”
”Oh she does?”
”No, actually Granddad does.”
“Granddad gives you whatever you want?”
Yeah. It’s true.

Oh, Ava.

I turned on the TV, shut the bathroom door and our bedroom door but before I knew it, I had 2 small children keeping me company. I came out several times to console cries, and escort one out of the bathroom. I quickly finished my shower in peace. But when I came out and walked down the hall… each footstep stuck to the carpet. Then I found both girls – super sticky head to toe!! Ava’s arm was even stuck hardcore to the inside of her pajamas! This all happened because she found the corn syrup and dumped at least half a bottle of it on the pantry floor and managed to spread it around the house.
Conclusion: This is the story of the invention of dry shampoo.

Ava found a kitchen cup in the living room and took off down the hall. I thought she left to go drink her snatched cup in peace. She came back and offered me her full cup of water. I was amazed that 1. Dave left a full cup of water on the floor and 2. That she didn’t spill anything as she walked. It was only then that my brain realized she wasn’t down the hall to drink her water alone… she had been down the hall in the bathroom and the water she just dumped on herself was toilet water. Am I impressed with creativity? Yes. Am I a little grossed out? Most definitely. Nice one, kid. Way to keep me on my toes first thing in the morning.

One last thought from Adelynn…

I was wearing my back up sunglasses because I couldn’t find my normal pink pair. Adelynn noticed they were different. “Mom you got new sunglasses on.”
“Well, these are my old sunglasses. I can’t find my pink ones.” I say.
“Maybe when you find them you can give these sunglasses to somebody who doesn’t have any sunglasses in case they need them.”
This girl really gets what it’s all about!


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