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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava

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And now it is time for a post for the first time in 2 months!


I pull a shirt out of the closet for Adelynn. She gasps. “That’s the cutest shirt I never saw!”

We are taking family pictures. I am looking at the camera but I know Adelynn has her hand up in front of her face. “Adelynn take your fingers out of your mouth.”
“My fingers aren’t in my mouth! They’re in my nose!”
Oh. Even better.

We are driving on the highway and we start to smell something. Adelynn yells “It smells like ham!” (It totally did!!) We drive a few miles and we start to smell diesel. Adelynn yells “It smells like my Daddy!”

And speaking of her sense of smell… (which she gets from me, by the way)…
We were given clothes from two different families. We are trying several things on. She knew each time – from the smell alone – if it belonged to Whitney or Brinna and Eden. Also, she found a shirt in the bathroom. Dave asked who it belonged to. She smelled it and said “It’s Nana’s.” And it was Nana’s!

Adelynn asks me what we are having for lunch. I tell her that we need to use up some chicken so I say “Probably chicken helper.”
”I want to be the chicken helper!” She exclaims.

Adelynn sits down on the swing. “Hi Mommy.” She says.
”Hi Adelynn.” I say.
”No, high Mommy.”
Oh, I get it now.

Adelynn’s Nana took her to a show at her church. I ask Adelynn how she liked it. “If I would have taken my movie to watch instead, that would have made it much more better.”


Adelynn asks “When will there be dandelions again?”
Ava hears her.
“RAWR!” She growls.


And now, for an edition of Oh no, Ava!

Ava walks into the kitchen with a cup that was in the bathroom. It is full of water. She is drinking it. It didn’t take long to realize she was drinking toilet water.

I was braiding Adelynn’s hair while she sat on the bathroom counter. Ava was standing on the step stool beside me and kept flipping the light switch off and on. Finally I said “Ava is there something else you’d like to do?” “Yeah.” she quickly said, and got down off the stool. I breathed a sigh of relief since I had both hands busy braiding Adelynn’s hair. So she gets down and walks right past me… to the toilet paper. She rips off big chunks and puts them directly into the toilet. I started to make a sound to stop her. She heard me, stopped, and proceeded to offer me the toilet water soaked toilet paper. Okay, kid. You just go ahead and put that in the toilet


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