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Encouragement for today: Looking them in the eyes

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What color are your kids eyes? Of course you know the answer to that question without even thinking. Maybe they have your eyes, or their Dad’s eyes, a lovely mixture of both, or their own look entirely. Dave has his Dad’s eyes with his Mom’s color. I have my own eyes, but the color is my Dad’s. My girls both have blue eyes like Dave and me. Ava has a darker blue like me and Adelynn has the light blue like Dave. Both of their eyes are big like their Daddy’s. I bet you can tell me all about your own kids’ eyes too. You look at them several times every day, right?

How often do we answer our kids’ questions without looking up? I do! All the time! I can admit this. It’s something I have been working on since I had the realization. Sometimes it is the shouting answers across the house to the child looking for something. Sometimes it is the feeling that something dangerous is about to happen and the warning needs to be heard before you move. Okay, so we all have those moments.

What about the moments when you are cooking dinner and your daughter asks “Mom, can I have a snack please?” Do you look up to respond that you’re cooking dinner? Or do you give your answer while you keep looking at the chicken? Maybe the issue is looking away from a glowing screen.

As we enter the Christmas season, you are going to have more opportunities to look in their eyes as they open their presents, as you watch them looking at Christmas lights out the car window or as they help you with holiday baking. The awe and wonder is an incredible thing to see on their faces. My encouragement would be to keep up the habit after the Christmas season.

Because they change so quickly. Let’s not miss out on any more of this.




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