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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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I cannot keep up with some of the things that come out of Adelynn’s mouth lately. She is on a roll! I know I have missed so many keepers, but enjoy these for now!


Dave is about to tell me a story and starts with “You know what stinks?”
Innocent as can be Adelynn asks her Daddy “Your feet?”


She got some new games for Christmas. One is Chutes and Ladders. Or, as she calls it, “Ladders and Parachutes”. She also calls her Candy Land game “Wonderland”.


Adelynn is wearing her Elsa dress and I am dressed normally. She says “Mommy you’re too big to dress up. You just get to wear normal clothes. You don’t have fun dressing up like I do.” Which is not true! I do still enjoy dressing up, it’s just a different kind of dress up. I just like that she noticed that.


Adelynn asks me to get ice for her bedtime cup. So I am getting ice out of the fridge (never a quiet task). She comes running in and in a loud whisper says “Mom! That’s too loud!” I was thinking how sweet it was that she didn’t want me to wake Ava. Then she continued “You might wake up Bruce!” I was laughing pretty good about that when she bolted off and came back relieved “Oh. It’s okay Mom. Bruce is still sleeping. But don’t get any more ice.”


Ava notices the flowers on her freshly changed bed sheet. She points them out to me. “Yeah, flowers. Those are pretty.” I say. She puts her face into the sheet and breathes in deeply. She sighs. Ah, fresh flowers.


Dave always wraps the girls up in towels after their baths. He calls them burritos and offers me bites. He will carry one to me and say “Do you want a bite of an Adelynn Burrito/ Ava Burrito?” Then we nom on them. So that’s the back story to this quote.
Dave is in the process of wrapping up Adelynn in her towel. He leaves her legs out so she can walk to her room. “But Dad! Burritos don’t have legs!” She says.
Sister is living the part.


I tell Adelynn we need to pick up the living room. “But Mom, we can still walk through it.” She protests. Oh, standards. Who needs them?


I heard splashing in the bathroom toilet. I went in and saw exactly what I was expecting. Ava with her hands in the toilet. So when I said “Yuck!” She immediately pulled her hands out. In one of her hands was… my toothbrush. “Oh…. nononono…” I am interrupted as I see her start to brush her teeth.


Ava wants a drink of my pop. Adelynn says “No, Ava. You can’t have any of Mommy’s pop because then you won’t take a nap.”
She’s a tiny parent.


Adelynn puts stamps on Ava’s hands but they are messy and smearing. I ask them to work together to wash them off. They go in the bathroom and Ava runs back out. Still from the bathroom “It’s part of life, Ava!” Adelynn yells.


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  1. Haha!!! Such wisdom from two little gals. Must be a blessing every day to be their mom.


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