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Our Journey To Simplicity: Part 2 – The Start

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I would like to make sure that my point is clear before all the craziness begins. Before you see me limiting the distractions in my life, I want to be sure you know why. It is not for fun or for attention. In fact, it’s not really fun and it doesn’t draw attention. I want to be clear that this whole process is a personal decision between you and Jesus. It is to rid yourself of distractions. It’s to be content going without. It is a process, not an overnight decision. This series of posts will make it look like something we did overnight since they are appearing so quickly. But like I said before, God worked on me for a while before I understood that this was what we need to do and how we should raise our family. Then it became my heart’s desire – I wanted to do this for us and I want to raise our girls to be these kinds of people. Heck, Adelynn is already better at it than we are some days! This is a journey and I am thankful we are on it together.

Like I said in the last post, we were ready to start reading! We started with this blog. I cannot even tell you how freeing the process is to get things out of the house. Especially if you are at the point in life where you feel overwhelmed by “stuff”. It’s amazing to think about the things that you really don’t need.

If you decided to clear out your house, where would you start? For me, it was with something easy and relatively painless.

For me, that was narrowing down towels and sheets. We had one linen closet, and the top portion of two other full size closets packed full of sheets, towels, wash cloths, blankets, etc. I determined we could store our comforters on the top of our closet, the extra blankets would have to fit in one trunk in the basement, and I only wanted to use half of the linen closet for towels.

The Problem:

Our linen closet was packed. All of our closets were packed. Half of the kitchen linens were never used in our 6 years of marriage!

The Goal:

To clean it out so we have a manageable amount of linens and room for kid games on the bottom of the hallway linen closet.

Now? It’s go time.

The girls both had toddler size mattresses and we knew Adelynn would be moving to Full in the very near future. Our bed is a King and the guest bed is Queen. So we need, like, everything. Boo. Game over. We can’t get rid of anything.

What?! Yes we can! How many sets of sheets can you use on a bed at one time anyway? Therefore, we only need two sets each – probably only one, but we still have a napper and I want some flannel for winter. And since the guest bed has been used one time in the last three years, it only needs one set. This was also a good time to go through mattress pads.

Sheets. Check.

Mattress pads. Check.

Now for towels.

Again, how many towels do you need per person? Technically one. But I wanted to make sure we were set in case we had company. This was also our first baby step, so we were a little lenient on this one. I said 2, Dave said 3. We ended up storing 10 towels for our family of 4 – compromising at 2.5 towels per person, people!  In retrospect I am realizing how outlandish that is. We could probably narrow that down some more. However, we were just at the beginning, so we are taking what we can get!

I saved a few shower wash cloths, a few kitchen cloths, a few kitchen dish towels and bathroom/kitchen hand towels.

The closet was only half full now! It’s hard to believe it used to be full of linens. I wish I had a picture from before.


So what did we do with the extra sheets and towels? Actually, we are storing them in the basement. I know, I know. Get rid of things you don’t need, share with people who are in need. I agree wholeheartedly! However, if someone needs a towel, I would much rather buy them a new one than give them one of our used ones. They are stored in a box in the basement until the ones we have wear out. And when you only have a few in the cycle, you get the most use out of them.

The Verdict:

Success! Have I missed any of my towels or sheets? Not one stinkin’ bit. I have not even noticed them missing!! All I notice is all the space there is in the closet for games now!

What did we learn?

Having enough time is a big piece of the puzzle. It takes time, not only to work on your motives, but to clear out junk!

I highly recommend this as an easy starting point. You’ll love your new space and you won’t be in any kind of pain from having less linens!


IMG_9949 IMG_9950

Now – go work on your linen closets! You might be surprised what you find in there.


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