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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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Here’s a little break from learning about simplicity. This post is just pure joy! 🙂


Ava has Croup and is on Prednisone. It’s a horribly bitter steroid. We had an awful time getting her to take it last night. The nurse called to check on her and said to mix it in pop. (Not my first idea) but I decided to try it. So I mixed up a Pepsi Prednisone concoction. I gave her a cup without a lid so I didn’t have to worry about the medicine going through the holes of the sippy cup. She was drinking it up and I was so excited! I made some fancy coffee for myself too. I had one sip of it when she came over to me. She looked at my cup and promptly dumped her cocktail into my coffee. I look at her as my jaw drops. She gives me the biggest, sweetest, cheesiest grin. I’m not quite smiling at her yet when she takes her empty cup to my mug and says “Cheers!”. Is it worse that she got half a dose? Or I have to get new coffee?


Adelynn has wet hair and I’m going to brush it. “Where should I brush your hair?” (Meaning location. Bathroom counter or living room.)
“Where it’s wet!” She says.


Adelynn’s nose was bleeding. She said it wasn’t bleeding though, she claimed she just had blood in her snot.


It’s a decent day after many nasty ones. My car is filthy. I’m looking for an automatic car wash since I have kids with me. I have driven by several with long lines. Then there is one that has a ridiculously long line. “Holy cow! Everyone is getting their car washed today!” I say.
“Mom… not everyone.”
Right. I’m being dramatic.


Adelynn knocked her game over.
“Whoops!” She says. “-sees!” Ava finishes.


Adelynn got a craft kit to make an Easter scene. We had to make the animals out of yarn pom-poms. I said “This is a lot of work!”
Adelynn agreed: “Yeah! A work of art!”


Adelynn asks where Ava’s tights came from. I looked at the tag but couldn’t tell. Then when I got the feet on Ava, I could see that it said Gap. So out loud I said “Oh, these came from Gap.” Adelynn politely asked “Is that a boy or a girl?” Yep. We use our hand me downs!


Ava is meowing at the dinner table. Completely seriously Adelynn says. “Ava. It’s not a good time to be a kitty.”


Adelynn asks “Mom do you remember when Dad and Grandpa and all Dad’s workers built our house?” (Our house was built before I was born.)


Adelynn had just finished eating cheese curls, so her fingers were a bit stained. I hear from the back seat “Mom! My snot is orange!” I told her I thought it was probably clear but that her fingers made it look orange. (Moms just know their fingers have been up their noses.)
“Mom! It’s still orange, even when I wipe it on my arm!”.
Oh, good.



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