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Our Journey To Simplicity: Part 5 – The Bookshelf

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My girls LOVE to read.

   photo 4 (30)IMG_8898                

The Problem:

They each have toy boxes in their rooms, there is also a book shelf downstairs and there are books in some of the toy baskets in the living room. I love that they love to read. I love reading to them. But I don’t love when there are books strewn about the whole house and that they don’t have a definite home. I don’t love that when we can’t find a certain book, it means it could be anywhere!

The Goal:

To get all the books in one place and to decrease the amount of books we have! Some books turned out to not be as well written as we assumed when we bought them. For example, one book takes a completely unexpected turn and the child’s grandfather dies at the end! Others are simply falling apart. Those can go!

The Plan:

To put all the books on one shelf in our living room. I bought a shelf from a friend who was moving. Then I gave it a little paint job. $20 well spent and ta da!
photo 1 (33)photo 3 (31)IMG_9124

I also repurposed a basket to be a “borrowed books” basket. (Is is sitting beside the shelf). That way there won’t be any library books or books borrowed from Grandparents that get buried on the shelf. I got rid of several bags of books and donated them to our local library and our church nursery. We have decided that since the shelf is of adequate size, we will limit our children’s books to what fits on the shelf. (There’s still nearly 300 books on that shelf, I assure you these kids are nowhere near deprived).

The Verdict:

This solves all the problems!! The books have one exact home and they aren’t as easily lost. Plus, the book mess stays contained to one room.
So they are still capable of making messes, but it add simplicity to clean up time!

And the girls still love to read! 🙂

What messes are you going to tackle next?


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