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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 10 – The Perks of Less

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If you are still wondering about the benefits of this crazy journey, and why it’s worth it to take so much of your precious time to clean things out, I will give you 12 reasons I haven’t mentioned yet. Or maybe I have? It’s kind of a blur 🙂


1. The time involved. You will have so much more time. And who doesn’t want time?! Less clothes to wash, less dishes to put away, less toys to trip over. Overall, there is less time taken up to clean/wash/dry/fold/sort/ and put away STUFF.

2. More space. You have more space in your home. Things not only look less cluttered, they feel that way too. You know how you feel standing in a room overflowing with stuff VS a room with lots of space to be free. Especially since I am claustrophobic, having a room with lots of space is a very freeing feeling. Space is also positive emotionally.

3. Less distractions. When you are spending less time cleaning things and less time putting things away, you have less to keep you from focusing on what you want to focus on.

4. You are not missing out. On anything. I can’t say I miss the chipped knick knacks I threw away. I don’t miss the towels we are storing. I don’t miss 7 pairs of black pants in the same size.

5. You don’t have to buy things for every occasion. You now know this! You are paying more attention to what you bring into your house. Holiday shirts for kids? Such a waste.

6. You can put your own value on things. We have several crib sheets. Do we need the one that is about worn out? Do we have to make a lot of effort to repurpose it or give it to someone? Not worth it. Just pitch it.

7. You’re doing good for the environment! The less you buy, the less you throw away. I looove being green!

8. Financial freedom. When you don’t spend money frivolously, your bank account can be bigger. You don’t have to buy a second or third pair of nail clippers because yours keeps getting buried under all the nail polish you haven’t worn in years. $2 saved right there! Also if you don’t have so much to think about, you can put money toward much better causes.

9. Setting an example for your kids. They will learn that “stuff” isn’t what matters. Being intentional about it will also open up opportunities for conversation about it.

10. Higher quality items. You can afford the nicer sheets since you only buy one set – plus it lasts longer!

11. You own things for the right reasons. Because you like them. Not because you want to keep up with the Joneses.

12. Someday your kids don’t have to worry about it!



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