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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 11 – The Kitchen

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Dave and I took the plunge through our kitchen several months ago. And honestly, we could probably do it again! I found 2 strainers the other day and thought “Why do we have 2 of these?” I couldn’t think of a single situation or recipe where I would wish I had 2 of them to use and then wash and put away!

We got rid of 3 boxes full of mugs, duplicates of things, and kitchen gadgets we never used. I could still get rid of some things – like the second strainer. (I clearly have a favorite). I have 2 mixers right now. Why? How many do I use at a time? How many sets of pots and pans do I really need? How many drinking glasses? When we have company over drinking coffee, we still have unused mugs. More of those can go. There are so many other people who have uses for these things that are just sitting in our cabinet!

My brother is a bachelor who was happy to take several things off our hands. We put 3 large brown paper bags full of stacked plastic dishware and lids in our recycling. Getting rid of those was a relief!

We had our small group here over the weekend. We ran out of paper plates, so we had a friend bring some. We then ran out of those paper plates and plastic forks! I had to try to find plates to use. Our everyday stuff was too embarrassing to use. So out came the good stuff! What are we saving it for anyway!? Company? These friends were company!


Goodbye to the embarrassing stuff. Hello to more space in the cabinet! Several weeks ago, my mom chipped one of our “good” dishes in the sink. She felt bad about it. I heard myself saying “It’s okay! We have plenty of plates!” Then I heard myself thinking “At least we HAVE plates!”

I would say even a chipped “good” plate is worth using over the $0.50 stained plates we bought from Target 8 years ago. Their best years are behind them.

Here are some ideas of things collecting dust in your kitchen. Go through it and you’ll have enough stuff for a garage sale before you know it!

Too many of the same thing
Pots & Pans
Specialty gadgets – fondue pot, ice cream maker, wok, etc.
Appliances – toaster ovens, juicers, etc.
Cook books
Mixing Bowls
Fridge magnets
Plastic Utensils

What do you have too many of in your kitchen?

What are you getting rid of today?


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