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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 14 – The Mindset

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I cannot believe there have been 14 posts on this subject so far! That means we have completed our 7th week! Thank you all for sticking with me as we continue on this journey together!! I am not done yet, so hang with me a little longer! If you knew how these posts came together, you would see how my mind really works. It is all scattered until I can put the context into the posts they need to go in. Then I feel better – and less cluttered 🙂

Here are a few ways to constantly be working to keep your house simpler:

Set rules for yourself. Do you remember when I talked about the kids clothing? I told you that I only kept what would fit in a box, or I decided I needed to get rid of 2/3 of the things I had. So I set my own rules and followed them. Even if it was hard, I was glad once I narrowed things down as far as I knew I needed to. Ironically, tonight one of the girls in Adelynn’s dance class was talking about her new panties. Her friend claimed she had about 100 pairs in her drawer. Her mom said “I wish she had 100 pairs!” and I found myself thinking. “Oh that sounds horrible.”

No impulse buying. The dollar spot at Target is one of those easy places to get sucked in. Just walk away! If you get to the checkout and say to yourself “Oh, I forgot I put that in there”… how bad do you need it? If you find yourself wavering over an online purchase, leave it in your virtual cart for at least 24 hours. If you keep thinking about it, then you’ll know your need for it.  

Recognize your weaknesses. The dollar spot for example! If you know you always end up buying things when you go there, then don’t! Don’t shop when you are bored. Don’t just go to Target for something to do. I know it’s a fun place to go, believe me. I have spent my share of time and money there. Don’t go look around on Amazon because ultimately you will find things you don’t need!

Keep your heart in the same place, no matter the circumstance. Dave got a raise a while back, but when we live on a budget, we need to keep living as if he didn’t. If we were to put something down while shopping because we thought “We can’t really afford that.” And then thought “Oh yes we can!” Should it go back in the cart? (The answer is usually NO). In addition to that, if things get tight, don’t let that cause you to stop giving. Whether that’s possessions or tithing. I know giving seems like an easy out since it’s not something you get a late notice for. But honestly, it’s the best “payment” you can make. Obedience brings blessing. I’ve seen it. I’ve received it. Don’t you forget it!

Keeping a constant eye on things. I told you recently how I noticed we have 2 strainers. Awareness is huge! If you look around your room and see something that you can’t think of an immediate use for or it doesn’t bring you joy, do you need it?

It’s OK to say NO. Do you have people offering to give you things? You know the polite thing to do is accept them. But what if you don’t need it? If finding a new home for those things is going to stress you out, there’s no need to accept it. I think if people are that willing to offer things for you, they will still be your friend if you turn down their offer.

The timeline. How are you doing with all of your piles and making your way through your house? Are you saying “Yes! I am doing everything you say! I am reading books on minimalism!” or are you biting your lip and confessing “Well… I have been reading your blog occasionally and I have good intentions, does that count?” YES IT DOES! ABSOLUTELY! This is a lifestyle. If it’s something you intend to adopt, like any other lifestyle, it will take time. If you have a lot of free time on your hands or a lot of ambition and you are already miles ahead of me… AWESOME! I think every victory should be celebrated.

Thanks for sticking with me today! Even if you are not interested in pursuing any of these ideas, you at least gained some money saving tips! 😉


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