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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 15 – The joy of decorating

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I didn’t think I would get a post up today since we have had such a full weekend. However, this post was easy to write and is in honor of Adelynn. She is on board with simplicity and she LOVES to decorate! She will often take craft supplies or wooden blocks and spread them around the living room to decorate! Also, we were on the way home from the hospital yesterday when she was looking at her crayons. She said “Mom we need to put some of these on sale. I have, like, 3 yellows!” Sister gets it!! I’m so proud 🙂 So here is a post in honor of Adelynn.

Something that brings me joy is decorating my home. This is an area that I have no intention of simplifying. Just being honest! I am very content with a few totes full of decor. It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t occupy my thoughts unnecessarily. It truly brings me joy! I feel so much cozier in my home when it is a little dressed up.


I have a lot of fun changing things seasonally – and sometimes more often than that. It’s free entertainment when I have the time. I also appreciate the stories behind some of my decor. I love the flowers pictured above. Some came from my bridesmaid bouquet in a friend’s wedding. I love that they sit out all the time and seeing them brings back great memories!

Some items are keepsakes that are better to have out than stored away in a closet. Like the Bible in the picture below. It is under the bird and stand. That Bible belonged to my great Grandma. I love that it gets a second life in my living room! When my Grandma suggested that I take it and use it, (it was her Mom’s) I told her that it might get taken down, possibly colored in, etc. Her response was that it was just sitting in her closet and would be better off being used! The ladder on the wall (the shelf) was in my parents garage and not being used. Yep! That’s what I am talking about!

I do limit myself when I go out shopping. I don’t buy things and think “I bet I can find a place for this.” I only buy with a location in mind. Now, I have been wrong before about size. It doesn’t hurt my feelings too much to have to find a new place for things when they don’t fit.


I also tend to have many versatile items that can be used mostly anywhere in my house. So maybe I can stretch that into being minimalistic? Because I don’t buy as many things and I give rooms facelifts by moving items around instead of buying new! For example, that wreath above was first on my front door, and then in my living room for quite some time. That mason jar spent time in my living room and in my other bathroom as well.


Happy decorating!

What brings YOU joy?


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