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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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I was getting ready in the bathroom and Adelynn was talking to me outside the closed door.
She said “Mommy I can smell you all the way out here!”
I said “You can? What do I smell like?” (I had just sprayed hair spray.)
“Mmm. You smell like grape!”

I had just trimmed Ava’s nails and I asked Adelynn if she wanted me to trim hers.
She said “No. I need them so I can peel oranges.” (love that logic!)

Several days later…

From the back seat she says “Mommy, I trimmed my fingernails in my mouth! Now I can’t peel oranges anymore!”

“Mommy you always smell good whenever you dress up!”
Could be perfume, clean clothes, or a combination of the two!

Ava took the eyes and sticky bottom part off of a yarn pom-pom chick we made.
“Mom! Now we have a blonde chick with a flat flat bottom!”
Blonde, blind, you know.

I got glass in my arm and Adelynn put on a bandaid for me.
“Just take it off when you want to take it off.” She instructed.
Then she continued “7 years if you want to do that.”
I laugh.
“Maybe 8 years.” She recommended.

Looking at me with my hair done. “You look pretty! You look pretty – you almost look like somebody else.”
Backhanded compliment.

She wanted to name a whole bunch of bunnies. So she is pointing and naming them.
“Fluffy, black ear, Barbit Renninger…”
I’m purely guessing on the spelling with that last one.

I’m playing Pacman.
Adelynn asks “What are you doing with Baymax?” (Big Hero 6)

Adelynn has a burger that has pickles on it.
She says “I don’t like pickles on my hamburger.” and takes them off.
Then she puts them in her mouth and says “I like pickles OFF of my hamburger!”

I unbuckle Adelynn while still in the drivers seat and parked in a friend’s driveway. I tell her to open her door and get out.
She says “But I can’t! Daddy says if I do that one more time I’m getting kid locks.”
I said “Well, I’ll give you permission. I’m saying you can open it.”
She looks straight into my eyes with her big eyes and completely straight faced says “But don’t ask (tell) Daddy! Just keep it to yourself!”


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